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Africa » Ethiopia » Harari Region » Harar January 24th 2010

Geo: 9.30463, 42.1326OK, let's get 'the land of chat' clarified. If you've seen the movie 'Blackhawk Down', you will be familiar with chat. Chat is a mildly narcotic leaf that is chewed and gives some kind of high? It is legal, and apparently this is the best cultivation area. It is used throughout Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia and who knows where else. I will not be able to give you a first hand report on it's affect, but I've had numerous chances to purchase, for pennies, and try. I have not seen anyone here have the same kind of results as depicted in the movie. I think it has more of a low key affect, kind of relaxing. It's mostly an afternoon and evening social thing, both men and women participate.Most of the chat being shipped to ... read more
piggy bank
tall door, so horse and rider can enter!

Africa » Ethiopia » Harari Region » Harar November 15th 2009

Harar Again This morning Lishan joins us again for another walking tour of Harar. We walk around the city walls for a while and take in a traditional Harari house and the house of the famous poet, Arthur Rimbaud - OK. I actually know nothing about poetry but I've vaguely heard of Rimbaud from a reference in a Van Morrison song Rimbaud never actually lived in Arthur Rimbaud's House! The house is built on the site of the house he used to live in. It does, however, have a good collection of old black and white photographs of Harar - I'm a big fan of old black and white photographs. We are really taken with the Traditional Harari House, it is really cool inside and we could relax there all day. The main room of the ... read more
Harar City Walls And One Of The Gates
Local Kids Again.....
......And Again

Africa » Ethiopia » Harari Region » Harar November 14th 2009

Harar - Friendly City, Friendly People, Friendly Kids and Friendly Hyenas {I Hope!!!} To Harar Our change of plan and detour to Harar goes much more smoothly than it could have done. We get back to our hotel in Addis Ababa at 12:30a.m. and get a couple of hours sleep before the three of us have to head back to the airport for the flight to Dire Dawa. At the airport everything runs smoothly, we have to take our shoes off a lot of times, and we get on the right plane. As promised by Baty, we are met by our new guide, Lishan, and a driver at the airport and we set out on the 1-hour drive to Harar. There's a slight hiccup when we get to Harar as we are told that ... read more
Local Kids In The Market
Showing The Kids The Pictures We Took
The Consumers

Africa » Ethiopia » Harari Region » Harar June 29th 2009

(Kovas writing…) In the dry rural parts of Ethiopia we have seen many different cacti. They are diverse and interesting plants! Some looked and grew as tall as trees because they had one main stem and many branches that grew up. Others had big thorns and were dark green in color. The ones that we mostly saw driving to the eastern city of Harar grew to waist height, were light green, and had groups of many small thorns. Unfortunately, I accidently touched these little groups of thorns. If this happens to you, you will find three or four small, yellowish thorns stuck on your finger. You will feel a small sting, look at your finger and take out the thorns. Then, the place where the thorns had been will start to itch and feel very uncomfortable. ... read more
Cactus 2
Cactus 3
Kovas with Cactus Bulb

Africa » Ethiopia » Harari Region » Harar November 24th 2008

This is cool. Me feeding hyenas...... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Harari Region » Harar November 20th 2008

The Abyssinian Abyss! Wow! Sorry it’s been so long - I haven’t been avoiding the blog - I just simply haven’t had any internet access for almost a fortnight! Anyhow, I will try to give a quick overview of my trip since I left Bahir Dar on October 26th… Well first I headed to Gonder for a day. And a day well spent it was too! I watched Liverpool beat Chelsea in Gonder Cinema. Oh yes! It is difficult for one to exaggerate the popularity of the English Premier League out here in Ethiopia. Every young man, and most young women, appear to own one fake shirt or another, and can rattle off a surprising about of details and stats about most of the teams in the top flight. I’d say Arsenal are the favorites out ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Harari Region » Harar February 23rd 2008

Friday 15th to Saturday 23rd February 2008 Harar has a very different feel to other places that I have visited in Ethiopia. I flew to Dire Dawa, and then took a taxi to the bus station and the line taxi to Harar (virtually forcing Wolfgang, a German tourist, to accompany me - he was thinking of paying for a taxi to Harar, but later thanked me for saving him 289 birr). Clare met me at the Tana Hotel, and after a brief stop at her office in Harar Teachers’ College, as she had a meeting, we went to her house, opposite a Mosque, where I met Jemenesh (her day guard) and the five chickens. In the afternoon, I went for a walk down to the old town (locally called the Jugal), through the Harar Arch to ... read more
Harar Arch
Harar Gate

Africa » Ethiopia » Harari Region » Harar July 11th 2006

Plea note things might be abit hazey, it has been 9 months. Argh Its Raining I hauled myself out of bed at 4ish and couldn’t help but notice the rain thumping down outside. Begrudgingly I showered packed a day bag and put my main pack, that I was leaving behind into its pack safe. Renee knocked on my door just too make sure that I was actually awake an d still going as they thought that the whether would have made me change my mind. Natalie even confessed that as soon as she heard the rain she thought I would be staying behind. Bags in the main office we went down to see if the taxi we had arranged was there. It wasn’t! Instead we did find another taxi driver sleeping in his car. He ... read more
Sorting Through Spices
Selling The Spices

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