Lake Tana to Lalibela – Day 61

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November 13th 2007
Published: November 15th 2007
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Ian's second puncture
We faced a drive of about 180 miles to reach Lalibela. The first 36 of these were retracing our tracks northwards on superb tarmac which rather lulled us into a false sense of contentment that the journey would be a piece of cake. How wrong we were! As soon as we turned eastwards onto the all weather dirt road it became worse and worse. The first few miles were okay but then the road became extremely rocky, slowing our speed down to something like 20 mph - anything faster and we felt that the poor cars would shake themselves to bits.

Then came a long section where work was in progress, seemingly under some Chinese contract judging by the number of Chinamen we saw, and we drove mile after mile on diversions where the dust was unbelievable! We never stopped for lunch but kept going, facing the prospect of not reaching our objective till after dark - not the best time to arrive and find a campsite!

This road was at about 8-9,000 ft along a plateau with fabulous views both to left and right (north and south). We were delayed even further when Ian had a nasty puncture resulting in the write-off of the tyre. We eventually turned north off this terrible road with 64 kms to run to Lalibela. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad, and the last few miles were actually tarred, and we arrived at the Roha Hotel with about 30 mins of daylight left! They have a campsite in their grounds where we made ourselves comfortable and enjoyed the luxury of the spare room the hotel offered us where we could bath and shower. The hotel was full of grockles, of all sorts of nationalities, but we joined them in the dining room for a grockle-type supper as we none of us felt like cooking after an exhausting day. Speaking personally, I cannot recall a more dismal drive in my life!


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