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November 8th 2013
Published: November 9th 2013
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The time is currently 21 39 on Friday 8th November 2013. In Ethiopian time this is 03 39 at night and the date is Friday 29thOctober 2006 which is written as 29/2/06 as September is the first month of the year. Confusing or what! I have been in Gondar for 10 days now. It feels like forever. It’s hard work out here. I am still staying in a hotel but am hoping to move to the “university guest h... Read Full Entry

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Theatre lunch roomTheatre lunch room
Theatre lunch room

Injera with wot or some other curry are served on communal trays/large plates.
Theatre lunch roomTheatre lunch room
Theatre lunch room

I can't imagine I will pluck up the courage to partake!
Hospital cafeHospital cafe
Hospital cafe

Anaesthetic MSc students and tutors.
Hospital entranceHospital entrance
Hospital entrance

This is the back entrance of the hospital grounds which is used a lot. Not ideal for an unwell patient coming to hospital to have to navigate past a massive pile of rocks!

11th November 2013

Insane. Go live with the rat, maybe it'll keep the spiders away ;-) Exam was pants, will keep you posted. Miss you lots, stay well x
13th November 2013

Don't tell the whole world about my issues with spiders! Come be my rat and spider killer! when do you find out about exam? Miss you too xxx

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