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Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa April 6th 2010

Stamping a passport and writing down the name and number of its holder takes half an hour. Or at least it does in Ethiopia. Once Radek and I had yawned our way through this process we jumped on a truck heading from the border town of Metema to Gonder, our preffered destination. Yawns were soon replaced by laughing and shouting as Radek and I, in the open trailer, hurtled through the Ethiopian contryside, a land of beer, gorgeous women and crazy people. Within 15 minutes of the journey's beginning I had my top off, a beer in hand and had already been told by a voluptuous girl that she loved me. People waved and children came running towards us screaming variations of 'you, you, you, give me money, give me birr, you, you, you, faranji (white ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa March 18th 2010

Well first off this is officially my first blog and i am officially a blogger, the excitement is killing me. I have been wanting to share my experience with the world, okay maybe not the world but the rest of the travel bloggers. I have been in Ethiopia for 2 months now and the blogging thing came to my mind after two months (i know a lil' pathetic), i just kind of woke up one morning and said, i need to blog my experience. First off a little background is that i am in Ethiopia to do an internship, initially i wanted to do an internship for 6 months in the country that me and my family call home. The last time i was in Ethiopia, i basically couldn't last 2 weeks, because i missed Texas ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa March 8th 2010

Late Friday night, after spending the afternoon literally scrubbing our house down, the roomies and I got cleaned up and went to meet up with the Ethiopian boys, Ale and Chachi, and two other German friends, Florian and Fredrik, at Harlem Jazz. While I did spot a number of forenjis within “my network” who had similarly caught wind of the tip that there was a fonreji-led reggae band scheduled to play that night, Harlem is not typically a forenji-dominated hang-out. We grabbed a big booth in a dimly lit corner and chatted while enjoying some fairly spectacular music. On Saturday March 6, 2010, I participated in the Women First 5km run through the heart of Addis along with my housemates, coworker, her four friends, and approximately 8992 other women! The event takes place every year to ... read more
Kuff! Kuff! Kuff!
Haile Gebrselassie
Taking on the Roaches!

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa February 17th 2010

On Valentines Day, I fell in love....................................with Addis. I also, fell into a guy on the street. I was distracted by a little boy who was trying to sell me a puppy that looked like a tiny German Sheppard/St. Bernard cross. My first thought was: “Wow! If this was a ploy to mug me (it wasn’t), that little kid had me pegged!” My second was: “That’s going to leave a mark”… and it did. You may remember that I spent the first two weeks of my time here in Addis battling what I like to call: “newcomers’ agoraphobia.” I spent the next two weeks hopping from place to place, getting just a small tantalizing taste of all that there is to experience in Ethiopia both inside and outside of Addis Ababa. Now, just shy of the ... read more
Juice Hut
Playful Pup

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa February 2nd 2010

What do these things have in common other than the letter ‘S’? The last week. Thursday (Jan 28/2010) was another rough day as my highest hope for permanent accommodation at the guesthouse was officially shattered. I really wasn’t surprised by the information, but it was nonetheless disturbing, tantamount to me remaining ‘homeless’ for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, this bad news coincided with a day of celebration. Two of my colleagues finished a series of continuing education exams on this day so we decided to drown our stresses together in a few St. George beers and some shiro (spicy) at Habesha Restaurant. En route to meet Z & F at Kaldi’s Coffee, a man pulled over along side of me to deliver a proposition: “Hey sista! I will be a good friend to you!” I tried to ... read more
Miracle Worker
Jinjero Love

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa February 1st 2010

Ethiopia I left Khartoum in convoy with my German and Welsh friends and we took the tarred main road South East with the landy in the lead and cruising along at a comfortable pace. The plan was to cover about 500km, aiming for Gedaref and then pull off somewhere just before the city and free camp near the road. Unfortunately one of the little girls of the German couple developed a high fever and we were delayed sometime while they checked her out for Malaria in one of the towns about half way. This set us all back a bit and with the German's fire truck only going about 80kmph we were about 150km before Gedaref and 100km short of our planned stop by the time evening came around. We found a good, quiet spot to ... read more
amini-Ethiopia  001
amini-Ethiopia  013
amini-Ethiopia  015

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa January 24th 2010

I managed to come up with a surprising number of classic pop culture reference titles for this entry on the way ‘home’ from work on friday evening including: “Talk Dirty to Me”, “I Should Wear My Sunglasses… Even at Night”, and “Dust in the Wind”. I have no doubt that there are many more brilliant alternatives out there so if you’ve got one, please share it in the comments box - I am counting on you all for a good laugh! This entry is going to be all about taking on Addis Ababa on foot, inspired by my poor mangled feet that have already been blackened, poked, cut, and blistered by my walks throughout the different regions of Ethiopia’s capital city. I would like to point out that on one occasion, I was so enamored with ... read more
Shard in my Birk

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa January 20th 2010

Selam! As this will be my first blog entry since the tween fad of starting up personal blogs essentially to post pictures of hot boy band members which struck my young life during elementary school, I feel it is necessary to give a little introduction in order to set the tone of this blog which I hope will be much more informative and enthralling than my first - not that Brian Litrell of BSB is not enthralling. In June 2008 I graduated from university with an honours bachelor degree in history and political science. Immediately after graduation, I moved to Trois Rivieres, QC, for a six week French immersion program at the University du Quebec a Trois Rivieres where I earned a certificate of completion at an intermediate level. Hoping to find a job where I ... read more
Timkat 2010

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa January 17th 2010

Addis Ababa sneaks up on you under the cover of darkness and smashes into your senses at the first light of day. Molasses mixed with gasoline and diesel spews from exhaust pipes, filling the grills of the public lines packed with humanity. Everything under the African sun thuds into 250 square kilometers of valley and pumps out a life bursting with tenacity. Dirty, dusty and polluted—Africa’s 4th largest city is… surprisingly easy. Catch a minibus from the roadside to a nearest transport hub and in an hour the whole sprawl is at your fingertips for less than a dollar (at the time of writing, 12 birr equals one US$1). Hiking trails along the outskirts dot mountaintops. Splashes of exotic cuisine from local injera to pans of pizza pie ring the clock. Shopping malls for the elite ... read more
Spinal Wood
Rising Created
Without Accord

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa January 14th 2010

At 4:30am I hop aboard one of the steady stream of buses flowing out of Lalibela. After about three hours we stop. Apparently there is an important church located nearby and our pilgrim packed bus must take a break here. I walk along with the throng of people but, reaching a good vantage point, I see that the church is in fact on the other side of an enormous valley. That's two too many joint jangling descents and two too many agonising uphills for my liking and when a local gleefully informs he that it's a three hour round trip my decision is easily made. I trudge back to the bus. It's five hours before the last old grandma hobbles back on board and we get moving again, the whole bus bursting into song as we ... read more
Disused Tana jetty
Abandoned Bahir Dar building site
Local Bahir Dar bus stop

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