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18 mins ago - gandt2000 published a blog
Day 22 – Day at sea
April 6th 2017
George has had his first good night’s sleep since we left USA. That expensive medication was well worth it. After breakfast, we headed up to Posh but decided that it was a little too cold there f ...
19 mins ago - gandt2000 published a blog
Day 21 – Day at sea
April 5th 2017
It has been a very choppy ride since we left Bermuda and we woke up to no sunshine. Also, when we looked out from our balcony we see the Silversea Silver Spirit cruise liner is about level with us ...
51 mins ago - Lottie Let Loose published a blog
Father of the Nation
April 18th 2017
Little did his parents realise when naming their new born son in ౹869 that little baby Mohandas Karacham Gandhi would become the most famous Indian the world has ever known. They may have named him ...
2 hours 49 mins ago - lmh published a blog
A few quiet days amidst the rice paddies in Mai Chau. And a morning at Pa Co markets...
April 18th 2017
We left Hanoi for the four hour drive to Mai Chau on a small tourist bus, US$18 a seat, and it was not the most comfortable trip as the seats were small, made for tiny Asian frames. And they are small ...
4 hours 39 mins ago - jackieandchris2011 published a blog
Utah - Arches NP & Canyonlands NP
April 24th 2017
21st April Grand Junction to Monticello 213miles Today we crossed the border into Utah! We left Grand junction just after 7.30am and turned off the !70 about 10.00am to take the 128 to Moab. P ...
5 hours 29 mins ago - NanaKat published a blog
Travels with Snowbirds, Quest for the Stamp April 22 and 23, Vicksburg MS
April 23rd 2017
Total of 21 pictures. Make sure you see them all. I was not happy with the weather report for Saturday morning’s travel to Vicksburg, but I pleasantly surprised when it changed at the last minute ...
5 hours 44 mins ago - Carolemag published a blog
L'ouest Américain- Hiver 2017- Valley of Fire + Albuquerque, Nouveau Mexique
April 24th 2017
Nous sommes passé du 'blanc' au 'noir' en visitant la 'Valley of Fire' qui est une étendue de lave volcanique. Cette lave serait sortie de terre il y a environ 5000 ans. Un genre de crevasse qui aur ...
7 hours ago - NanaKat published a blog
Travels with Snowbirds, The Quest for the Stamp, April 21 and 22, Natchez
April 23rd 2017
There are 15 pictures in this blog. Make sure you scroll to the end to see them all We were in search of 2 more stamps in Natchez. Remember, I took them all at the bookstore, but I knew I had to vi ...
8 hours ago - Zephyr published a blog
Cameron Highlands #2: Flowers, Farms and Forests
January 16th 2017
I had a booked a full day's tours so that I could see and do as much as possible in my full day in the Highlands. We left around 9 am, in a battered old jeep. There was me, the guide and a Korean fami ...
8 hours ago - KayKo published a blog
Siku Deer on Itsukushima Island
April 23rd 2017
The island of Itsukushima is more famously known as Deer Island. The Sika deer roam freely amongst the shrines, shops, and visitors. They are very tame and friendly . In ancient times, the deer on ...
9 hours ago - Lottie Let Loose published a blog
Protests and Festivals
April 18th 2017
Croissant madamoiselle, Monsieur? Not something you'd expect to hear in India! Okay I admit it, we didn't hear anything of the sort as the French bakery set up in Pondicherry has been taken over by an ...
9 hours ago - KayKo published a blog
Japan 日本 or Bust - Day 2 - Iwakuni, Kintai Bridge, Iwakuni Castle
April 21st 2017
Ohayou Gozaimasu! Yesterday was my first full day in Japan. And it was a fantastic day! Due to some work constraints my brother is unable to travel really past the Yamaguchi prefecture. So I w ...

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