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September 5th 2019
Published: September 5th 2019
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We arrive in Egypt today. Our flights were uneventful except for the spectacular orange sunset last night and the magnificent view of the Egyptian desert as we approached the city. As our plane was descending towards Cairo airport we caught a glimps of some pyramides, 2 tall peeks in an otherwise flat terrain. Contrary to other countries where you see a patchwork of greens from the sky, here everything is sand colour. When buildings came into view they looked as if they were dusted with sand. My friend Sue commented that they looked like sand castles on the beach. (Note: most buildings here are the colour of sand). Sorry I don’t have any photos my camera was packed.

The population of Cairo is 20.4 million, so you can imagine the traffic. The ride from the airport was interesting. We were picked up at the airport by EMO tours. He pointed out some of the landmarks and told us a bit of history. Our hotel is beautiful and the security on arrival was very high. First all vehicles are stopped before entering the drop off area and a man with a sniffer dog goes around the vehicle apparently checking for bombs and guns. Then the hotel has scanners just like at the airport. All luggage and personal effect have to go through. Did I feel a little bit insecure, surprisingly, not at all. We just chilled at the hotel the rest of the day, and finish off with a great meal at the italian restaurant, one of 11 restaurants in the hotel.

Tomorrow we have a day on our own before joining the tour group on Friday.


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