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Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Siwa Oasis May 11th 2008

Disconnected is one of many words that could be used to describe the Egyptian transport infrastructure (hopelessly inefficient is another good way of describing it). We were lucky to score a night train ticket out of Luxor and into Cairo although we had to pay extra to catch the train originating in Aswan (even though we were boarding in Luxor) as the train originating in Luxor had been sold out (makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?). Regardless, we were fit to say our goodbyes to Luxor and hustle our way to Siwa along what amounts to a big “L” shaped series of tracks and roads. The first leg was an overnight train to Cairo, followed by an afternoon train from Cairo to Alexandria then a series of two buses (one from Alexandria to Marsa Matrah, and one ... read more
Fahim pouring tea
Rozy climbing up a dune

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Siwa Oasis April 8th 2008

8-4-08 It was another long day on the road. We had an… early start, just for something new, and hopped on the bus. Ten hours later, after passing some pretty amazing Mediterranean coastline, we arrived in the Oasis town of Siwa. First impression was that it was a pretty small and barren town, but delightfully, first impressions aren’t always right. We first headed up to the site of the old town, which gave great views of the area. It was amazing to see how much of the area the water took up. We were up the top, just as the sun was setting. Ahhh, holiday! We then went out for dinner in what would become our regular, followed by some sheesha at a local coffee house. This coffee house was equipped with a real coffee machine, ... read more
Man checking the time
Admiring the view

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Siwa Oasis December 30th 2002

Christmas Eve in Alexandria saw me stroll along the Mediterranean eating considerable amounts of ice-cream, and it afforded me the opportunity to walk to the site of the Pharos Lighthouse, the fifth of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World I have visited. My final journey in Egypt was about to commence and it would take me to a place I had heard much about. So on Christmas Day, I boarded a bus for an excruciatingly awful nine-hour journey to a place near the Libyan border called the Siwa Oasis. Siwa is a sleepy village where the men seem to idle away their time sitting in coffee houses smoking water-pipes and playing backgammon, lounging around the streets engaging in sporadic conversations or silently basking in the sun. However, the women are rarely seen at all, because ... read more
Shifting sands - Western Libyan Desert, Egypt
Rural life - Siwa oasis, Egypt

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