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December 5th 2006
Published: December 5th 2006
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Kom Ombo TempleKom Ombo TempleKom Ombo Temple

Dedicated to Horus (falcon god) and Sobek (crocodile god)
You wouldn't believe it but the rest of my time in Egypt has been spent visiting ever more temples and tombs. Go figure.

First up was Kom Ombo Temple, followed by Edfu Temple, Karnak Temple and Queen Hatshepsut's Temple.

Finally went by donkey to the Valley of the Kings. My thighs were cactus the next day, but it's better than any butt-blaster. Visited the magnificent tombs of Ramesses III, Ramesses IV, and Tuthmosis III. You can't take any pikkies inside. But I heard some Yankee dude bragging that he could take as many as he liked after he had bribed the guard.

Last visit was to the Luxor Museum, which was brilliant. Not to be missed with fabbo exhibits, and much better maintained than the Cairo Museum. The royal mummies were amazing to behold.

I've had a wonderful time in Egypt.

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Ptolemy XII receiving the symbol of life before Isis (form of cat) and Nut (sky goddess). Thoth (god of writing & wisdom) and Horus (son of Isis) stand behind them.
Edfu TempleEdfu Temple
Edfu Temple

Reputedly built on the site of the legendary battle between Horus and Seth (god of evil, and Horus' uncle who killed Horus' father Osiris)
Inner Hypostyle Hall, Edfu templeInner Hypostyle Hall, Edfu temple
Inner Hypostyle Hall, Edfu temple

Consists of 12 columns in 3 rows
Karnak TempleKarnak Temple
Karnak Temple

Avenue of sacred rams leading up to the temple, which is dedicated to the god Amun-Re.

Royal symbols representing the twin kingdoms of Upper Egypt (bee) and Lower Egypt (papyrus)
Twin obelisksTwin obelisks
Twin obelisks

The left one was built by Queen Hatshepsut in dedication to her father

The heiroglyphics represented which enemy country they originated from.
Donkey trailDonkey trail
Donkey trail

View from the ridge line

7th December 2006

Hi Gesine! I'm Paula from Brazil and I've just found out about this site and certainly your blog is one of the highlights!!!! I’m amazed with your pictures, with the places you have been and I’m happy to see people doing what I intend to do one day…..travel around the world!!!! Congrats and I will be more than happy to read and see all your entries until you get home!!!! Enjoy! Paula Schneider
1st January 2007

Ges, amazing site...maybe you should contact Lonely Planet and work for them freelance!!

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