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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo April 27th 2008

There are no crocodiles in the Nile below the Aswan dam but they were prolific in pharonic times and the dual temple at Kom Ombo is dedicated to Haroeris and Sobek (the local crocodile god). A number of mummified crocodiles were found at the site and a couple are now on display. At Edfu the Temple of Horus was built over a period spanning 237 BC to 57 BC and has much Roman influence. The 36m high entrance to the temple is guarded by 2 huge and splendid granite falcons wearing the dual crown of upper and lower Egypt. Some time tonight we pass through the locks at Esna en route to Luxor. ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo April 4th 2008

There's not a lot to say on this one. After we got off our feluccas, we visted Kom Ombo and Edfu, both temples near the Nile between where we finished our cruise and Aswan where we got back on our train. As usual, they were both stunning, with huge engraved walls and impressive columns and entrances. Unfortunately we were not in the mood to be wowed by more temples, especially after the arak (the local spirit, like ouzo) that we had been drinking the night before so they didn't get the attention they deserved. I'll let the photos speak for them. That night we got on a night train from Aswan back to Cairo. I'll never complain about Asian sleeper trains again. This one, though we were in first class, had aeroplane type seats, bright overhead ... read more
More temple
More temple
Tourtured Enemies - why are they smiling?

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo February 22nd 2008

Day 2- So the Felucca didn't quite make it to our proposed destination the first night but we pulled over along the Nile at some local village with around 5 other felucca’s. Little did we know but this was more so an organised stop as all the local village children ran down with their gifts for us to buy. Amanda and I felt bad so we bought about 6 items off the kids. The Area where we pulled over was dessert. The sand was pretty orange and during sunset looked pretty cool. I on the other hand looked pretty Black. You can also notice my lovely sunglass marks from that day! Class! That night we had a mini African party with the other Felucca’s. Shisha, drums and all round awesome African music. The felucca guys were ... read more
The Felluca
Amanda day 1
Nat on the 1st night

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo November 1st 2007

Another early start had us disembarking for a carriage ride through the streets of Edfu to Edfu temple. The little horse-drawn carriages were a lot of fun and I highly recommend them as a way to see the town. Along the streets the men were out early having their coffees and cigarettes on the sidewalks while others lined up at bank windows or food shops. I was really impressed with Edfu temple and it may well be my favourite temple of the trip as the colour on the walls here is quite well preserved in a few places and the carved reliefs were interesting with many scenes and animals depicted (like hippos.) On the ride in the carriage back to the ship, we watched as local children hopped on the backs of the carriages in front ... read more
Mom & I
Edfu Temple
Edfu shadow

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo October 31st 2007

Got off the boat at 8 am to take a horse buggy ride to the Temple of Knum. Not a pleasant experience. The horses are not treated well and the drivers are very aggressive asking for tips. We were crammed 4 to a small buggy designed for 2. A minibus would have been preferable. This Temple is very interesting because it was only discovered in 1860 by a French archeologist and it took 4 years to uncover. It sits 30 feet below the town. You can still see where some of the houses and shops are located on top of the old ruins. In the afternoon our boat moved to Edfu and we were first in, so first off. We went to the Temple of Horus which has the excellent statues of Horus (falcons) erected in ... read more
Temple of Khnum

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo October 19th 2007

Once again we awoke to stunning scenery in the dawn light and we were off on schedule to continue towards Dakhla, some 30 or more miles to the south east. This is a huge oasis where reportedly 10,000 souls live. It is nothing like what one thinks about when an oasis is mentioned. Yes there were date palms in abundance but there were also fields of green crops growing, cattle grazing, and there were street lights through the centre of the town itself. We stopped to explore the older parts of the town with their quaint little buildings made from mud a with few outside windows to prevent the heat getting in. On we pressed towards the next oasis complex, Kharga, another very large and well watered area with a huge population, only to refettle and ... read more
Dakhla shopping

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo June 4th 2007

Femember the African Queen, with Humphry Bogart and Katherine Hepburn? Well, this ride is a lot easier; floating along watching the scenery, drinking Egyptian Stella Beer--oh yes it is 110 degrees but we won't mention that. Its Monday June 4 at 5:40 a.m. here in Egypt. We have just cast off for our final short trip down the Nile; traveling by felucca from Aswan to Luxor; well actually to Kum Ombo and then by another police escorted convoy to Luxor as we have probably sailed and floated about 20 miles in the three days we have been on the river. It is about 70 degrees right now, having gone down to about 55 in the night. It will quickly warm up to over 100. This part of the Nile is populated by small farms for ... read more
Tacking into the wind
The dunes along the Nile
Captin Farah, master sailor

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo April 25th 2007

Aswan-Kom Ombo-Edfu-LuxorTom Griffithurl='/Videos/2881.html' onclick='dialog("/Videos/2881.html?popped=1","tbvideo",600,600);return false;'On the Costa Rica She started the voyage as the Monica, but by the time we pulled into Kom Ombo, our trusty felucca had been rechristened the Costa Rica. This was decided during a late-night discussion in the boat's cabin on our first night, and was settled upon for the sole reason that our captain, Asam, wore a shirt that said 'Costa Rica' on it. Luckily it presented no practical difficulties - the felucca is not yet registered, and so has no name on it yet. Hopefully Asam will get some paint together and rectify the situation soon. A felucca is a medium-sized Egyptian yacht, usually white, with a large main sail, a small cabin at the front, and a large ... read more
Donkey Island
Nile swimming
Whitewashed house

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo January 9th 2007

The sailboats we met in the afternoon after our Abu Simbel trip are called feluccas. I'd say ours, called Moodshadow, was about thirty feet long, with a single, curved sail. Yes! After all this running around and getting up super early, we had 2 days and two nights of sailing down the Nile doing nothing! Boarding the felucca by a little gang plank, we piled our bags underneath and lounged in the sunshine on a bed of floor cushions and pillows. Within moments our group of 10 had unfurled their sleepingbags and we were in full lounge mode, sipping some hot Egyptian tea and having a traditional lunch, everyone sharing everything. This was cool! As we tacked down the river, the riverbanks looked more like I'd imagined they would be: narrow strips of green dotted with ... read more
Sleepy Time on the Boat
Going to work on the Nile

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo June 20th 2006

We set off for another day sailing on the Nile. Most of the day there was no wind so we just drifted with the Nile's current. We have two stops along the way today and the first was the Town of Darrow. Usually there is a big Camel market there but there were no camels today so we when over to the local livestock market. There were all sorts of water buffalo, goats, doneys, horses, chickens, a few camels, and cows for sale. You had to be careful not get run over by all the pickup trucks in the market. We saw a man testing a doney by galloping it thru the market. Afterwards we went over to the local market area. It was crowded with people and tables with all sorts of things for everyday ... read more
Street Market in Darrow
The Temple of Kom Ombo
Carvings on the Walls of Kom Ombo

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