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October 18th 2012
Published: November 7th 2012
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October 18, 19, 20, and 21st.

Thursday 18th - Nile Cruise ending in Aswan
We arrive at Aswan and I am up early as we sail in under the Aswan bridge. We have a busy morning visiting the High Dam, Ancient unfinished obelisk site and then a boatride on the Nile over to the Temple of Philae. This entire temple had been moved off an island in the 1970s and took 5 years to move. Difficult to comprehend. 51 countries assisted in the move. We opt out on any afternoon tours that are extra as we are toured out so to speak and want to spend the afternoon on the boat. We are getting ready to head back to Cairo the next morning. Sian had a spa treatment that ended with a covering of mud up on the pool deck. We have met some really interesting people on this trip. We have a late night of visiting and pictures and dinner with our travel mates of the tour and say our goodbyes to them and our tour guide. What a fantastic bunch of people we have met and all off on their own journey to new places and home.

Friday 19th- Back to Cairo
The 5 am wake up call never came in but that was ok as I was up at 4:45 anyway. We met our driver in the lobby and were off to the airport in Aswan for our flight back to Cairo. We were given a box breakfast and Sian asked the driver to give them to someone who might need food. When we reached Cairo we met up with and are happy to see our previous trip manager, Abdul, and headed back to a hotel in Cairo for a 2 night stay. Exhausted is the word for it as we allow ourselves to stop and try to catch our breath. We both wish we were just heading home but in the end it is good that we had this time before the flight grind home.

There is a day of protest in Cairo and we were told by our guide to stay off the street and stay at our hotel today. Makes sense to us as we are just down the block from the square. The consulate had emailed us as well as to the where abouts of the protest and to stay out of the area. We had a great lunch in the chocolate lounge and first time we have ever had white hot chocolate. We had it again. So good. We both would come back to Egypt and if I did would do a longer Nile Cruise. Everyone here has been so lovely and friendly. We have been on this incredible journey for a month and are ready to go home. For some reason I slept 11 hours.

Saturday 20th- last day in Cairo
We both feel revived…we order coffee several times in our room before we head down for breakfast.
We are also tipped out. Always need to have lots of small bills. Breakfast was delicious and the tour company for Egypt has put us up in top notch hotels. Having breakfast included has been a super idea for the budget. We stop in a small jewellry store in the hotel and the storekeeper is quite taken with us and as we left without purchasing anything he gave us a gift each from the store. He was lovely and sweet like so many people we have met in these countries. Sian went back to the Egyptian Museum for a couple of hours. The pool on the very top of the roof was too crowded. We got all packed up and we managed to get about 3 to 4 hours of sleep before our wake up call at midnight. Wake up call came with coffee so that made it easier. We were down in the lobby by 1:00 a.m. and out the door. We know we are in for the long haul home.

Sunday - 21st Cairo to Home

We were getting on flight number 9 in the last 4 weeks, aiming for Frankfurt and take off was 4:00 a.m. We were fortunate on this 4 1/2 hour flight to have the seats to ourselves. A 4 1/2 hour wait in Frankfurt was interesting and long enough. We managed to walk for several hours and get something to eat. By 1:00 pm we were in the air and heading to Vancouver. This leg would be a 10 to 11 hour flight. We landed at 2:40 pm in Vancouver and were so happy to see my husband, sister and brother in law as we exited the customs area and with our luggage. So great to feel like we are almost home. A quick visit and coffee and then a ferry ride to Victoria and drop Sian off at home...she is actually going to work the next day...7 hours after landing in Vancouver we pull into the driveway and we are home. What a trip...a lot of wonderful people along the way....10 safe flights in a month and all those countries and sites! What a wonderful journey to do with one of my daughters. It is a life memory...forever. Am glad to be home and I say thank you for being so fortunate to be born in this country and all that I have. I have Gratitude!

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