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May 23rd 2012
Published: May 23rd 2012
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Wow what an awesome day! Started with a 330am wake up call for our 3 hr bus ride to Abu simbel. We travelled in a convoy of 15 buses with a military escort. The reason for the early departure is due to the extreme hot weather. It got to approx 45 today. We arrived at Abu Simbel in which the main attraction is a templ which has 4 statues of the great Ramses 2. There is also a temple for Ramses favourite wife Nefertari, he actually had many wives and approx 150 children!. The statues of Ramses II would have been approx 30 - 40 metres high. The whole site has actually been moved from its original location which is 66 metres below its current location. This process took two years to complete with lots of foreign assistance. The sheer size of the statues is mind boggling. Ramses really did think very highly of himself.

Our next adventure after the drive back was to head to a Nubian village. the nubians are considered to be both sudanese and egyptian they have dark skin and their own language, also to get to where they live u have to go by felucca (boat). our tour guides name is nubi, he is nubian and he is very charasmati and funny. on our way to the village we stopped to cool off in the nile, we were allowed to jump from the roof of the felucca into the river. its so hot that it doesnt take long to dry. when we continued 2 young boys in a canoe grabbed onto the side of ourboat and started singing for us, their canoe had small holes so they had cups to scoop out the water, they were singing row yourboat in french by the sounds of it, it was really cute, wegave themsome money and then they immedeatly stopped singing and let go of the boat lol.

when arrived we rode camals to the main village area - that was really cool. then we went to a local nubian house to see how they live and eat a nubian meal. there houses are extremely colorful and have paintings on all the walls, the floors are sand mostly but the houses are huge. also it is common for them to have pet crocodiles which they catch from the nile. the house wewent to had 3. we got to hold one of the baby ones. they grow them until they are big and when they die they mummify them and sell them to tourists. the owner of thehouse gave me a henna tattoo on my hand. its really cool seeing how they live. we also got to go to the local schook and have a lesson learning the arabic and nubian language. we know the basic things like thank you, hello, how much? etc.

we left and on our way back we lay on the roof and looked at the stars, it still feels like forty degrees even at night. we said goodbye to our tour guide nubi and then went on our way to the hotel, which hasair conditioning!!! 😊


24th May 2012

Wow, that sounds so cool, Love the little boys who sang to you in their canoe:) Hope you got a photo of them. So interesting you got to stay with local people... with crocodiles for pets!! lol You're making me so wish I were there to take photos and explore the world. Can't wait to see photos when you get back or wen you can upload. Looking forwards to hearing about your next adventure xox
24th May 2012

Yes u should def travel as this has been an eye opening experience. And yes we got video of the kids
24th May 2012

Sounds v. cool!
Pics please!

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