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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel August 8th 2008

SECRETS OF THE NILE - Trip with Grand Circle Travel May 31 to June 14,2008 This blog was written by my friend and co-traveller Joan who was the scribe for our Egypt adventure. There are a lot of pictures not here, but as soon as I learn how to do captions, they will be on Picasa online and I'll send links to anyone interested. They are not in order with the text as I don't know how to do this. Yet! We drove southward through Massachusetts and Connecticut, our hair flying in the wind and our anticipation running high. We were catching a plane for Cairo at JFK and Egypt was all we could think about. Manuela’s first job had been in Cairo back in the 60’s. JFK was its usual busy maze of ticketing, gates ... read more
the Nile River from our boat
river view
travellers and guide

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel July 31st 2008

My last and first visit to Egypt was a little more than 6 years ago. I was fortunate to do most of the main sites of the Great Egypt. I was even more fortunate to be able to visit the Tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens in Luxor. Today, this visit is simply close to impossible. But 6 years ago, I didn't made it to Abu Simbel. So Abu Simbel has since been on my wish-list. And yesterday, I went to Abu Simbel...This place is tremendously impressive and should be on everybody wishlist! It all started 2 days ago in Marsa Alam at 3 am in the be more precise, at Port Ghalib, 70km from Marsa Alam. I had my driver and guide waiting for me to take me on the ... read more
inside Ramses Temple...amazing..and no flash...
in front of this magnificient two temples
Love this one!

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel July 10th 2008

Ninth Stop: Abu Simbel, Egypt. Before departing from Aswan by boat, we took an hour + flight on Egypt Air to Abu Simbel on the Southern boarder of Egypt just a few miles from Sudan. Abu Simbel houses probably the most impressive temples I've ever seen in my life. The twin temples were originally carved out of the mountainside during the reign of Pharaoh Rameses II in the 13th century BC (over a thousand years after the pyramids), as a lasting monument to himself and his queen Nefertari, to commemorate his alleged victory at the Battle of Kadesh, and to intimidate his Nubian neighbors. The temples were hidden under sand for centuries but re-discovered in 1800s by a European archaelogist. ... read more
Close-up of Sun Temple Entrance
Pic inside of temple of offering to Amun Ra
Amun (king of Gods) in between 2 Hathors (Goddess of Love)

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel April 26th 2008

Life aboard Kasr Ibrim was extravagant and the food exceptional making it very difficult to not gain weight. The majority of monuments along lake Nasser have been relocated to escape the flooding resulting from the high dam at Aswan. Moving all the monuments in the 1960s was a feat of pharonic proportions but the most impressive has to be the relocation of the Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. The 3 day cruise to Aswan facilitated visits to 8 more temples and the tomb of Pennut not easily accessible by road. The Temple of Ramses II at Wadi As Subua "Valley of the Lions" is named because of the avenue of 10 sphinxes leading to the temple. Thanks are due to the international community for rescuing ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel April 2nd 2008

Today we arose at 3am to get the convoy to Abu Simbel. This was a bus ride that took three hours. ON the way we got to see the sun rise over the Toshka Desert. This was a pretty amazing sight over the sand and mounds that look much like small pyramids. However, the most amazing sight was still to come. Upon rounding the mountain at Abu Simbel, the sight of the Great Temple of Ramses II was amazing! It was a lot bigger then I imagined and quite breath taking. Our guide for the day was very helpful in explaining the temple, what was in it, and how they moved it from the lower point it was situated at, to where it is now, before they built the high dam. The dam seems to be ... read more
The Dam
Great Temple of Ramses II
Temple of Hathor

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel April 1st 2008

Abu Simbel, another highlight of Egypt - they just keep coming! A three hour convoy (the Egyptians love them) to the site. At least we were in a normal bus, we could keep up with the rest this time! And we had the usual pit stop (dubbed the one pound pee - that's the usual cost price for use of the facilities - the quality varies!) on the way there to give us time to be hassled by all the seagulls (street vendors and shopkeepers) to pay exorbitant prices for their wares. At least in a convoy you don't have the usual checkpoint hassle every half hour or so. Abu Simbel is another place that would have been flooded by the high dam but got moved to save it. In this case they created a whole ... read more
Abu SImbel - Ramses II's temple
Size comparison!
Where Abu Simbel used to be...

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel February 14th 2008

Following a very early start, we made our way via bus convoy through the barren desert to one of the most amazing archaeological sights in Egypt - the massive temple at Abu Simbel built by Rameses II in the 13th C BC. The Great Temple of Rameses with its' 108 foot (33 metre) high statues of Rameses II seated on a throne and the smaller temple of Hathor are an impressive sight and literally take your breath away when you first lay eyes on them. I can only imagine how Swiss explorer, Jean-Louis Burckhardt, felt in 1813 when he 'rediscovered' the facade of the Great Temple. The temples were intended to show Egypt's enemies (particularly Nubia) their power and might and I'd say they would have been fairly effective - the interiors of the temples are ... read more
Great Temple
Colossus of Rameses II
Colossus of Rameses II with Nerfetari

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel January 12th 2008

We got up super early (2:30 am) to catch the 4 am convoy to the temples at Abu Simbel which was 275 km or so away. We arived in time for sunrise and got some cool pictures, (well, we thought they were pretty neat). We stayed there for 2 hours then took the bus back, total driving time 6 hours. It was worth it though. Pretty amazing considering the whole site was relocated to higher ground to in the 1960s to avoid being flooded by the rising Lake Nasser. The artwork inside the temples is incredibly well preserved, but of course you're not allowed to take photos inside the temples. Once back in Aswan, we took an afternoon nap before heading out for supper with everyone. Love the afternoon naps!!... read more
Photo 1
Lake Nasser
Photo 3

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel November 2nd 2007

I know this entry gets a lot of hits from the general public. If readers are trying to determine whether Abu Simbel is worth the trip, I would say it depends on your time in Egypt. We got stuck in the Aswan airport on our return and that fact alone ruined this side trip. I had little time in Egypt and had not planned to spend five hours in the airport getting back to Cairo. These temples though are amazing historical, architectural, and now engineering feats; the best of the ancient world and the modern world. Take the trip, just make sure you are on the next flight to Cairo and not stuck in the Aswan airport. We flew from Aswan to Abu Simbel to see the famous temple of Ramses II carved right in the ... read more
Abu Simbel
Temple of Hathor

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel October 31st 2007

Getting up before the crack of dawn is something that you need to get used to if you’re planning on a whirlwind tour of Egypt. Rising before the sun, we picked up our handy boxed-breakfast from the hotel lobby with the other travellers who were making their way to Abu Simbel on a 3-hour bus ride. Being short on time, we opted for a short 30-minute flight to Abu Simbel to arrive just as the site opened and before the intense heat of the day hit. Abu Simbel is breathtaking. Moved when the Aswan Dam was built to prevent it from being lost in the floodwaters the dam created, the temples at Abu Simbel were painfully reconstructed on the side of a man-made mountain overlooking Lake Nassar. In order to get to the front of the ... read more
Picture 252
Lake Nassar

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