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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel March 12th 2016

So we stopped at Kom Ombo….a pretty sweet temple built to honor Haroeris and Sobek…the latter of which represented in hieroglyphs as a dude with a crocodile head and holds crocodiles to be sacred…so there were mummified crocs on display as well. This place had a lot of images of gods and pharos which early Christians hacked out of existence. They literally chipped away the face, arms, legs, anything exposed of these images but not the clothes or any of the hieroglyphics…weird. I guess the peeps didn’t know how to read so they didn’t know the glyphs were words so they didn’t erase them from the temples…also….not all images were erased and I was told that no one knows why they decided to erase some over the others…Ha! Silly Christians….At this place I ran into two ... read more
Mohammed. one of the 10%
Kom Ombo
pretty good hieroglyph showing the double crown

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel March 10th 2016

So I was supposed to be in the lobby at 03:15 but at 02:50 I get a knock on my door that woke me up. The worker said I needed to be there at 03:30 instead. I asked 3 times and he seemed to understand me so I went back to bed and set my alarm for a lil later. Another knock on the door at 03:15 and the same worker says the bus is here now. Mother Fucker….If there is one thing I hate more than almost anything else its being woken up unnecessarily….since childhood…goddamnit. Whatever. The 3 hour ride to Abu Simbel only took 3.5 hours so I think that’s a positive? Anyways, the temple of Ramesses II is a very iconic Egyptian piece of work. The HUGE statues out front are an artist’s ... read more
one for his wife Nefertari
got to sneak in and take pics when no one was there
nice face

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel February 22nd 2016

Our return from the White Desert found us at the train station in Giza, which is on the west side of the Nile from Cairo. This was good, bad and good. Good in that it made the drive back from the White Desert a little shorter, bad in that we arrived some five hours before our train was scheduled to leave, and good in that Mohamed realized that without his guidance, we most likely would have missed our overnight train to the south. Hard to believe, but quite true. At this point, we were just coming off a night sleeping on the ground in the white desert, hadn’t seen a bathroom since we had lunch at Yasser’s house in Bahariya Oasis, and were in need of a shower, desperately in need of a shower. And we ... read more
Pharaoh Ramses II Temple
Wee hours of the night

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel February 22nd 2016

After such a glorious time in the beautiful, desolate desert, walking into the train station in Giza was a harsh wake up call. We had several hours to spend until our overnight train to Aswan. Mohamed parked us at a table in a café and stayed with us while we read, worked on our blogs until batteries gave out and people watched. After some time he headed home to bring his wife and daughter back for us to meet. We had enjoyed such a nice connection with him that it seemed perfectly natural to meet his family. Had we known what a great guide he is and what a good rapport we would have, we would have utilized him for more of our trip. The train to Aswan pulled into the station at 8:30PM and with ... read more
This was in the small temple
Action Shot
Train Cabin

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel April 16th 2013

Ring ring...that's our wake up call. 2.45am!! We somehow roll out of bed and try wake up with a quick shower. We gathered some pillows and staggered onto our bus to head into Aswan and joined the “Police Convoy”!! There we are met by heavily armed police officers and cars ready to transport us and the 25-odd buses and mini-buses 300km south to Abu Simbel. I'm thinking to myserlf, where the hell are we going that we need a police convoy! Approximately 70km north of the Sudan border...hmmm, that's probably why. We started our convoy, and it was explained to us that the police were there to 'assist if a bus broke down en route' however the hidden message was that its safer travelling in a convoy with police there to deter any potential kidnapping attempt! ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel January 22nd 2013

So, we were up at 2.50am, had a quick shower and cleaned our teeth. Hussein rang us at 3.25am because we hadn't been down for tea or coffee and he was worried we were going to be late. I assured him that we were just about to head down. Down at reception we collected our breakfast boxes and crossed the gangplank onto the dock. We didn't have to disembark through any other boats this morning which made it quick and easy. We drove into the part of Aswan where the convoy for Abu Simbel forms up. All of the vehicles going to Abu Simbel have to be security cleared and then the convoy is escorted to Abu Simbel. I fell asleep soon after we left Aswan and woke up at about 6.15am. Good, I am sure ... read more
Abu Simbel 2
Abu Simbel 3
Abu Simbel 4

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel January 20th 2013

Español / Català Usermaatra Setepenra, the chosen of Ra, born to be a god, otherwise, he was deeply convinced. Son of Seti I and Queen Tuya was the third Pharaoh of the nineteenth dynasty. Rule Egypt for nearly seven decades between 1279 and 1213 BC with the name of Ramses II or Ramses Meriamon. Under his reign moved the Egyptian capital of Thebes to Memphis and then to Pi-Rameses on the Nile Delta. Fought at sea against shardana pirates. On land pacified Canaan and Syria, and confronted Hittites in the Battle of Kadesh. All these facts have been written in several stelae engraved in numerous temples. Fighting pirates told in the Tanis Stelae. Syrian campaigns in Eleuteros and Byblos ones. The Ba... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel November 13th 2012

We meet Mo and the others with our packed breakfasts outside our hotel . With our 3am wake up call we all take off to meet at the convoy point to head to Abu Simbel. There are heaps of different buses here, also a few people with Guns. Mo tells us it's very safe traveling out there and being there, the reason why we convoy is just in case we break down along the way then we can jump in another bus behind us or whatever, I’m not too convinced, why would they need guns? I know it’s kind of dangerous as its right on the boarder of Syria. It takes 3 hours and I snooze along the way. We are traveling through the desert. All you see is sand, sand, and more sand. We finally ... read more
Nefertari’s Temple
Can you see it?
Our Floating Matress

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel May 4th 2012

IN Egypt's sandy silence, all alone, Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws The only shadow that the Desert knows:— "I am great OZYMANDIAS," saith the stone, "The King of Kings; this mighty City shows "The wonders of my hand."— The City's gone,— Nought but the Leg remaining to disclose The site of this forgotten Babylon - Horace Smith 1818 (Inspired by the Statue of Ramesses II) 3.30am wake up call...what the? I thought we were on holidays? Apparently that was also the later wake up call, a favour from Ahmed because we'd been good "habibis". This Abu Simbel gig had better be good! There is in fact a very good reason for the early morning start. Two convoys leave Aswan a day to take tourists to Abu Simbel, one at 4 am and one ... read more
Early morning convoy
Lake Nasser
Abu Simbel

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel March 20th 2012

Had an unfortunate wake up call this morning at 6:45am but all for good reason. Today we were off to see Abu Simbel which is offered as an optional excursion but everyone did it as it's a "must see" according to Sherif. We first drove to the Aswan airport and then flew Egyptair for a short 1/2 hr plane ride there. It was by far the most spectacular thing we've seen yet! As we walked around the side of the huge rock face mountain, we could see the giant carvings of the pharoahs carved into the mountain. The size of them are mind-blowing! Sherif immediately sat us down and gave us a histroy lesson. I was most amazed that they used to be closer to Lake Nasir but have since been moved back. We then got ... read more

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