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February 17th 2012
Published: February 18th 2012
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Often, when I’m alone and surrounded by the beauty of nature, I’m filled with a love so intense that it frightens me. I want to shout it out at the top of my lungs. I want to find any outlet to release it, spread it around, and watch it grow. Inevitably, I end up crying silent tears. They are not tears of sadness, but tears of love – love that has outgrown my heart, pushed through my tear ducts and streamed down my cheeks. I think of all the people I love; of all the people who have made me big with their love. I hope that they know how much they mean to me, and I worry that I haven’t told them often – or recently – enough that I love them. I compose heartfelt messages in my mind and vow to send them when I next find connection. When I do connect, I’m easily distracted trying to find the next place to stay, posting pictures and stories, researching the salinity level of the Dead Sea (33.7%!)(MISSING), the name of the little purple flower I saw the other day (Polygonum equisetiforme) and countless other trivial facts that I somehow find essential to know. I log off, my vow forgotten and unfulfilled. Next time, I promise. But, what if there is no next time? So, although this is in no way an adequate demonstration of my affection, know that if you’re reading this, I Love You! Now, please, go tell somebody that you love him or her. I know I will.


18th February 2012

With every name on your list when you send all your stories filled with detail, positivity and love I am sure I speak for all of us when I say we know you love us with your entire heart and soul. I am honoured to be apart of this list and even though I do not see you physically every day when I read your stories I feel as if I am there with you holding your hand on a beach somewhere looking at the stars with our tears of love and smiles upon our faces knowing how lucky we are. Looking forward to a life with no borders or fears to hold us back. I love you too sweetie with my entire heart and soul Auntie Tiffmonster
19th February 2012

Love you too.
You must spend a load of time writing your blogs. How do you find time to go anywhere? Missing you here in Las Palmas. Saw your nephew and bro the other day. Your bro still talks more than your nephew. Geoff

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