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Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab April 6th 2009

So it's been a VERY long time since I have updated my travel blog - didn't get a chance much last year on the road but trying to make an effort this year!! In between I also went to Greece & the Islands & have some amazing photos I will eventually post on blog - but for now... I,m walking like the Egyptians! So clearly as i,m writing this I am safe & I am well!! Gee wiz life is hard, as I sit here & eat my breakfast with my coffee & crepe next to one of the 3 pools here at dahab 'Friendly Village' resort, a fridge full of beer that cost about 50pence a bottle, having seen the pyramids, karnak temple & lots more & now have the Red Sea at my disposal ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab March 25th 2009

The bus to Dahab was long and uncomfortable. 16 hours buses tend to be like that anyway, so no surprises there. The Sinai Peninsula is as barren as any desert land. Mountains fill your sight, but the kind of mountains that makes your mouth go dry. Only shrubs grow in the mountains, and only goats eat them. The people who used to be the original inhabitants here are the Bedouins, but since the arriving of the tourist crowds, they are discriminated by the western Egyptians who came to build the big tourists complexes. The Bedouins provide now guide services or camel rides only, but little are they getting out of the huge money the Europeans leave every year here. As soon as we got out of the bus, a bunch of taxi drivers started to hassle ... read more
Penguin Restaurant
In one of the local shops, up on Mt Sinai
Just before dawn...

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab March 15th 2009

Dag 254 - 277. Vi har naa vaert 3 uker i Dahab. Dahab er beskrevet som et skikkelig “laid back” sted, nesten som et gammelt hippiested. Vi synes at beskrivelsen av Dahab kan splittes. Ved Dahab Bay og Lighthouse er det strandstoler tett i tett, masse restauranter, kafeer og butikker. Det er her mange laerer aa dykke, eller har utgangspunkt for dykking. Det yrer av folk hele dagen, og selvfolgelig er det noen som vil selge deg noe hele tiden. Paa hver side av dette omraadet finner man roen. Det er noen restauranter, kafeer og hoteller langs strandpromenaden - stort sett med litt avstand mellom. Det er laget til omraader med solsenger tilknyttet spisestedene, og det er ikke kjopeplikt for aa bruke de (iallefall ikke den tiden vi har vaert der). Selv om Dahab er et ... read more
"Kosekroken" paa hotellet
Octopus Resort

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab February 21st 2009

We still haven't decided what we want to do next and are considering if we should just skip Jordan and Israel altogether. We decide that rather than leave today, we will stay one more day and then head down the coast to Nuweiba. As we have a pressing need to get Benjamin caught up with school work, we dedicate the day to this. Late in the day, we headed into town and buy a travel guide for the Middle East - mostly for the Jordan chapter, along with some final souvenirs (Benjamin got a Red Sea diving shirt). On checking our email, we find out that the house we hoped to stay in in Greece will not be available. This is a bit of a jolt, but we are too busy figuring out the next few ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab February 20th 2009

Yolanda and Shark Reef were next after our 2 dıves on Thıstlegorm. Also 1 of Top 10 Dıvesıtes ın the World. Also another wreck dıve, but mostly a beautıful reef dıve. The wreck was a shıp full of bathroom supplıes that sunk years ago, really not sure of the year. The weırd part of thıs you end up dıvıng on a wreck of toılets! There are serıously more toılets than you can count strewn about the reef!... read more
Egypt 2009 519
Egypt 2009 520
Egypt 2009 521

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab February 20th 2009

For the final day of the course, Aman is taking us to a different dive site. Our first option was to be a place called “Blue Hole” and “The Canyon” but account of rough wave conditions, we are instead heading to a site “Eel Garden”, near as series of Bedouin camps. This area has tourist two, but is a more casual arrangement of tents by the seashore. Small restaurants mark each of the camps. We set up our gear along the side of one of these restaurants, and head off to dive. There is considerably more reef here and you have to be careful where you get in as to not hurt the coral. We head into deeper water to repeat some of our shallow water exercises, but Benjamin's ears are not clearing today (equalizing as ... read more
Benjamin underwater
The dive site
The truck to the dive site

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab February 19th 2009

Diving the SS Thistlegorm! Wow!! A WWII Cargo Ship but more of an armed freighter, out of Glascow, was sunk by German planes who torpedoed it one night in 1941. The boat sunk wıth all ıts cargo and now ıs a world class wreck dıve. Some of the cargo ıncludes 2 steam locomotıve ngınes on theır way to Egypt. Many trucks and motorbıkes, rıfles lıke the .303, ammunıtıon for all the guns, and even 2 tanks. Dıd our fırst dıve on the peımeter of the boat to see the locomotıves tht were shot ınto the aır from the torpedo and now rest about 30 meters from the wreck. The tanks lay on theır sıdes ın the torpedo hole. Many bıg shells and lots of ammunıtıon seen there as well. The back of the shıp had an ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab February 19th 2009

The sea today was quite calm which should make the clarity of the water even better for scuba diving. Joshua was thinking about doing an introduction to scuba called “bubble maker” (you have to be at least 10 to take Scuba lessons) but he has a cold so we decide not to have him do it (it is hard to equalize the pressure with a cold). Instead, he and Evy come with us bringing along snorkeling equipment. While Benjamin and I suited up, Joshua set up to snorkel and Evy took photos. With the wet suits on, Benjamin and I have been quite comfortable in the water (other than the first few seconds). Joshua will be snorkeling without such insulation so it will be considerably colder for him. With the calm sea conditions, the reef is ... read more
Joshua joins in
Josha and Benjamin
Grahame & Benjamin

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab February 18th 2009

It has been quite windy all night and waves have built up on the Red Sea. Benjamin managed to read all three of our assigned chapters last night. As we are sharing the book, I got it second and woke up at 6:30 am to read it. As it was, I only managed to get a chapter and a half read (and the appropriate quizzes complete) before we met with our instructor around 10 am. After loading up all the equipment in a pickup truck, we headed across town to a place called “The Lighthouse” for our first lesson. Though our hotel has a pool, unlike Scuba courses in Canada, all our lessons are going to be in the ocean which is an added bonus to doing the course here (the Red Sea is world renowned ... read more
Gearing up

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab February 17th 2009

We were up early this morning for our trip to St Catherine and Mount Sinai. With our boxed breakfasts from the hotel and passport in hand (there are security checkpoints everywhere in Egypt) we headed off with our driver in a van. The first stop was the “Tourism and Antiquities Police” office in town to clear the details of our trip. From there we took a road that led straight out town and towards the mountains. In the early morning light, the entire scene of mountains and desert looked almost like some not quite real painting. The road here is flat, but fairly curvy as it snakes around the mountains. At our second police checkpoint, we reached a t-junctions where one road leads down the coast to Nuweiba and the other leads off into the interior ... read more
The Road to Mount Sinai
Our Guide
St Katherine's Monastary

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