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Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean April 26th 2022

Our adventures carry on in Egypt. Well after arriving yesterday at Port Said and having to give all our passports over even if we were not getting off the ship and then being allowed to get them back - this Egyptian passport fiasco is getting a bit annoying. Anyway this morning we decide that we are going to have a stroll around Port Said. What can I say about Port Said. Well the streets are really disgusting with glass, rubble and just general rubbish so not a good start there to be honest. We walk around a corner and there is a church and if there is a church there is Eric wanting to go inside. Now normally that would not be a problem in most countries but we are in Egypt. We should have known ... read more
Car Parts No Porsche though
It’s Egypt
Russian Warships stuck in Alexandria

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Port Said April 22nd 2022

So today we are going through the Suez Canal which is one of my bucket list items WHY I have no idea but it is. I could have got up really early like other passengers did to see us enter the canal but to be honest did not quite make this so got up at a normal hour and saw we were already going through it. Well the Suez Canal is what I can describe as okay but not something I would rave about apart from the engineering of it - I cannot imagine how this could happen and how it was engineered. And time would tell that I had missed almost nothing by not getting up at the crack of dawn but I now know it was a spectacular sunrise so maybe I am wrong ... read more
Mike waving to who -illusion or what no there is no one
We are going to die the mast is not going to get under

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » El Alamein October 14th 2019

We visited El-Alamein on our 2019 Africa Motorbike Trip. During our time spend in El-Alamein we visited The German Military Cemetery. Built in memory of the German Soldiers that died here in World War 2. The guide were very friendly even offered us a camping spot for the night. Unfortunately we had to travel on.... read more

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Port Said January 21st 2019

"In questa Casa d'Italia, edificata dalla fede e dall'amore della terra d'origine, vivono e si perpetuano, con l'opera delle istituzioni italiane sotto i segni gloriosi dello scudo sabaudo e del fascio littorio, lo spirito millenario della patria, il culto della lingua di Dante, la tradizione fulgente della triplice vittoria, la potenza animatrice di Roma ridivenuta imperiale. XXVIII Ottobre MCMXXXVIII - XVI regnando Vittorio Emanuele III essendo duce del fascismo e capo del governo Benito Mussolini fondatore dell'impero." Chissa', sara', sta di fatto che gli italiani sembrano aver lasciato davvero un buon ricordo qui in Egitto, e dovevo capitare per caso a Port Said per averne una vera conferma. Non proprio per caso perche' e' in questa citta' che inizia il canale di Suez e qui si deve venire per ammirare le gigantesche navi che, sfilando davanti ... read more
El Alamein: l'ingresso al sacrario militare italiano
L'orgoglioso proprietario di una spettacolare Fiat 128
Port Said: nave all'imbocco del canale di Suez

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean April 29th 2018

The true Egypt experience starts as soon as you hop on the Egypt Air flight, delays on the runway in the heat of a Dubai day caused much discomfort, I don’t know why the aircon wasn’t on or why drinks weren’t given to the passengers or why the entertainment system wasn’t switched on. Our driver Abdul met us at the airport with his nice red Hyundai and took us to the big and brash Khan el Kahlili bazaar. The maze of alleyways and streets were straight out of an Ali Barber and the forty thieves story. The unexpected rain added a new dimension as traders emerged from their shops wielding squeegees to clear the water from poorly drained streets with one guy deciding to push rubbish in front of another guy’s shop, suddenly all hell broke ... read more
Bent pyramid
Red pyramid
Red pyramid

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Port Said March 4th 2017

Marsa Alam is one of the best spots to dive along Egypt’s Red Sea coast, at least so I had read. What it failed to mention is that the town itself is a bit of a hole. I can handle holes though, but this particular hole seems to cater to restaurants that present you with one menu when ordering your food, and another one with different prices when you want to pay your bill. It happened twice, in two separate establishments. And I only went to two restaurants, so that is a ratio of 100 percent! Obviously I did not pay the altered prices… 1) Thou shalt not change thou menu on thou customers! And the diving? It was… alright. The visibility was great, but apart from that I didn’t see anything I haven’t seen before. ... read more
Marsa Alam
Marsa Alam
Marsa Alam

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria February 21st 2017

Geo: 31.2135, 29.9443Alexandria stretches along 12 miles of the Mediterranean coast and is the second largest city in Egypt. It was founded in 332 BC by Alexander the Great and its rich history includes Cleopatra and Anthony and a litany of Roman Emperors. The city grew to be the largest of the known world at the time. Alexandria was sacked and burned during the civil war that followed the takeover by Julius Caesar. For more of it history go to city today has the potential to be quite beautiful. Fort Qaitbey still remains as does the Pillar of Pompey but little else of its ancient history remains. The new library is spectacular and also houses several museums of art and antiquities as well as a special Sadat Memorial Exhibit. Fort Quitbey is a fortress built ... read more
Artifacts at the site of the pillar
More artifacts

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria September 29th 2016

Our alarm went off at 5:30 am this morning, and since we both slept really well last night we woke up refreshed and ready to go. We got to our hotel last evening about 10:30. Our flight from Frankfurt was delayed about 2 hrs, while we waited on the tarmac. The flight was full of small active children, and there were no individual entertainment consoles. It was an old plane with the drop down monitors. They played an old Laurel and Hardy movie first (in English), followed by a Ninja Mutant Turtle movie (in English with Arabic subtitles). Not sure how they came up with that selection! I listened to music on my phone. Had a not bad veggie dinner. Nobody was sitting in between Susan and me so we could spread out a bit. Nobody ... read more
Gin and tonics
Our view of the Nile
Nile View

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria February 15th 2016

In between our time in Lebanon and the excitement of a rendezvous with BV Chef in Cairo, we descended on the coastal city of Alexandria. In all fairness, we didn’t know much about this city, given our somewhat hectic schedule leading up to our departure on this latest journey about the Middle East and Europe. We knew some key points; it is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and looked like a good place to slow down for a bit. Our subsequent discoveries uncovered a great many things in our abbreviated time here. This is no sleepy seaside town. Alexandria has over four million citizens and is the largest city directly on the Mediterranean Sea, founded by none other than Alexander the Great (which of course, makes sense) in 331 B.C. We chuckle because this ... read more
Alexandria in background
Along the corniche
Dolmas extraordinaire

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Port Said November 5th 2015

Geo: 31.2603, 32.2965Today, we transited the Suez Canal from north to south, from Port Said to the town of Suez. The ship entered the canal about 5:30 in the morning while we were still asleep, although the captain had announced yesterday that we had an 8:00 a.m. time slot scheduled for entry. We expected to be anchored outside waiting for our time by 3:00 a.m., and I guess they wanted us to go in early with at least one other ship, a cargo ship I could see behind us. Ships go through the canal in convoys because there are sections that can only accommodate one-way traffic and going together in the same direction more efficiently takes care of the traffic so more ships can go through each day. I had the alarm set for us to ... read more
View from Deck 10 Observation Bar
Village on the Canal
Mubarak Peace Bridge

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