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October 20th 2008
Published: August 27th 2012
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20th Oct: Our overnight train from Luxor to Cairo was late getting in again. So when we arrived in Cairo we had two options take the public bus to Alexandria, which was the original plan, or take a private mini bus and get there quicker. Since we had already lost a lot of time we all agreed to take a private mini bus, so that we could have a bit longer in Alexandria. The mini bus took about an hour and half to two hours if I remember right.

When we arrived in Alexandria I was immediately impressed. What a lovely city! Yes, it is still chaotic and noisy like every other Egyptian city, but it was really picturesque. The city is located on the coast of the Mediterranean and was lovely and relaxing. It was pretty late when we got to Alexandria, about 12 or 1 o'clock. I have to give a special mention to the hotel we stayed at, Hotel Carillion. It may not have been the smartest or newest hotel we had stayed in on our trip through Egypt, but it was certainly the best. The hotel was quirky with loads of random stuff. Also we were in a kind of apartment type room as there were two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Me and Jodie were in the back room and Mel and Babs were in the front room. The rooms all had floor to ceiling windows with shutters. Me and Jodie just about had a sea view if you poked your head out of the window and turned to face the sea. However Mel and Babs had a gorgeous view.

We were all starving by this time as most of us hadn't eaten since the previous evening, so we set off in search of some food. We walked along the corniche, the walk was really nice. The beach was a bit crappy, but all the cute little fishing boats tied up more than made up for it. The boats were all happily bobbing up and down in the water. It was a gorgeous site. It was quite a walk along the corniche bt none of us minded as the view was really pretty. We had picked a restaurant out of the guidebook for lunch. When we got to the restaurant, Fish Market, there were no tables available, since we didn't want to wait we made a booking to go back there for dinner and then we headed to an outdoor cafe / bar / restaurant just over the way. We ordered our food, but it took ages to come, part of us was bothered as we were starving but the other part of us was just happy to relax and chat in the sun.

After lunch, we went for a walk, via the gorgeous little bakery near the cafe. It looked really high end with loads of fancy little cakes, but wasn't too expensive so we had a treat. We then took a walk along the harbour. It was quite busy as there were lots of Egyptians out for a stroll, too. There were quite a few cats knocking about, obviously on the look out for any stray fish. We were going to go into the fort castley thingy that was on the edge of the harbour, but when we got up to the gate it was closed. Gutted! It closed at 4 and we arrived at about ten past. There was a market setting up so we wandered around that and took some photos of a gorgeous mural that was on a wall nearby.

We strolled back along the corniche to our hotel. When we got bac kto the hotel, our laundry had been done, which was a relief, but Babs wasn't too happy as the bloke had made her cough up for it. Well she should of been stronger or actually left the hotel room. We then went for a group meeting before dinner. That wasn't pleasant. An option was put forward that tomoorow we could get a later bus to Siwa, so that people could have a lie-in. I was dead against this. There were twelve of us on the tour and five of us (the minority and the people I was with) all wanhted to get up and out. It's not like we've been parting hard everynight, so as long a syou went to bed early there would be no problem getting up early. However the other lazy arses wanted to have a lie-in. The annoying thing was that it still didn't give us any time to do anything in Alexandria in the morning. So I thought it would be better just to head to Siwa early and make the most of our time there. The five of us were really annoyed with the rest of the group and asked if we could still get the earlier bus, but our guide wouldn't allow it. Grr!

That evening we went off to dinner in a bit of a stinking mood, however the dinner soo made us happy again. We went to a restaurant called Fish market, which is a good name because that's all it was really apart form a lot posher. Instead of walking around stalls of fish, you just went up to one or two guys and piucked the fish and or seafood that you wanted. The food was absolutely delish and covered in garlic, which I love. When ordering the guy aske d us what we wanted the food cooking with and as soon as he said garlic, we were all like, YES! The restaurant was pretty big, and it was really busy with lots of people coming in to eat. I'm glad we booked a table. The only annoying thing was that because of our late munch we weren't that hungry. Although that probably made us enjoy and appreciate it more, as we weren't shooveling it down our necks. After dinner we headed back to the hotel.

Although we didn't have long or really do anything touristy in Alexandria, it was a lovely city and I hope to go back there someday.

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