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January 25th 2013
Published: January 28th 2013
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Any thought of returning to the Egyptian Museum today was abandoned due to the unrest anticipated in Tahrir Square. The travel agency moved us to Le Meridien Pyramids out at Giza for our safety so it would be foolish to attempt to go into the part of the city where it is very likely there will be demonstrations on the second anniversary of the revolution.

Besides, we both have slight head colds/sinus infections so it was decided that today should be set aside for some R&R before we start the third leg of our holiday in Jordan. So, we slept in and then had a leisurely late breakfast. At about 10.15am (7.15pm in Australia) we went to the outdoor bar area where there is a large screen television to see if the semi-final between Murray and Federer would be shown. When Bernie went to ask if that would be the case he was told that that bar area doesn't open until 1.00pm.

We went back to our room where Bernie proceeded to surf through all 99 channels to see if he could find a channel televising the tennis. No such luck, so we blogged and read until just after noon. We joined Meredith and Alex down at the pool bar and actually ate lunch at lunchtime today. At 2.00pm we headed to the spa for massages and then returned to our room to shower off all the oil.

Feeling very relaxed we retired to sun beds by the pool until the sun set. It's such a shame that it sets so early at the moment and then the temperature starts to drop fairly quickly. We filled in a bit more time in the room, but had missed our opportunity to get the travelblog right up to date because the internet was unavailable all afternoon.

We met Meredith and Alex for drinks at the bar at 6.30pm and then Amal arrived at 7.00pm to go over the arrangements for transferring us to the airport in the morning. Our flight to Amman is at 10.15am and Meredith and Alex's flight to Dubai (for their connection to Singapore) is at 11.15am. Amal suggested that we split the difference and leave the hotel at 7.00am. Another early start!!

Amal joined us briefly in the dining room to talk with us about the experience that we have had in Egypt. We assured him that we have had a great time and will let everyone at home know that it is safe to travel to Egypt and a fantastic time to visit with so few tourists about. Amal didn't eat with us because he said that it was far too early for him. So it was just the four of us for the farewell dinner!

Steps for the day: A few more than if we had been in a coma all day!


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