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April 1st 2013
Published: April 1st 2013
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OK so let's get a few things straight right from the start. Firstly, Egypt is absolutely safe to travel. (Disclaimer:that's just an opinion, should you get taken hostage or injured in Egypt that'd be a blow, but please don't try and sue me!) The Arab Spring of 2011 swept across some 16 countries or so and is still continuning now, and it seems the constant media attention showing t... Read Full Entry

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100 degree heat leads to this apparantly

1st April 2013

Too Weird!
That's freaky. Haven't seen you in a life time but was just thinking of you 10 mins ago. Now I open my iPad doing my snoop book routine before bed and your cheeky Welsh face pops up! I take it you still have itchy feet 8 years post NZ! Looking forward to reading this in the morning, if I can find a spare hour! Looks to have a good picture to word ratio, my kinda read! I will critique and update then!
2nd April 2013

You made it!
I was delighted to see this post last night! You made it to Egypt after all. Sounds like you had a good time and I agree with you about having the guide in Egypt. Its one place where "winging it" isn't ideal. I had a similar thought as you, regarding the Egypt of today versus the imposing prosperous Egypt of 5000 years ago. King Tut would roll in his tomb.
3rd April 2013

Independent travel takes a rest
Many of us have had the same mental struggle and thoughts about independent travel and some sort of tour. We are always surprised when the tour turns out to be pleasant and not the fright that we imagined. You may want to try a private tour. You and your father could arrange a customized tour in many countries and you would not feel so herded. We have done that is Morocco, Peru, Iceland, Burma. Give it some thought. Sorry you missed out on your balloon ride. You've learned the power and importance of water. Thanks for sharing the end of the beginning.
4th April 2013

Well said!
What a great experience! The felucca sailing was great! Will definitely travel to Egypt again! Felt more save in Egypt as in my own country!

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