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June 24th 2012
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Well, I finallY did it. I've seen the pyramids while on a vast, mighty camel named most appropriately, Ali Baba. Ali Baba was the strong, silent type and as such I was not able to win his heart or even a passing glance from him, the stubborn old thing. Riding a camel for me felt like what it would be like to ride a giant water balloon, swishing around, damn near falling over when he gets up and down. And of course I loved it.

Enough with my brilliant camel story, onto the pyramids of Giza. The pyramids are lined up just outside of town (or vice versa, however you look at it). 3 huge pyramids, 6smaller ones, workers tombs, the sphinx and other pyramid stuff filled the desert landscape. Tourism is extremely slow right now due to the revolution and today's election. Despite the reality of safety for tourists here themedia has scared tourists away, creating tough times for those reliant on the tourism industry. My guides said they worked for tips only, I felt terribl that I couldn't tip themmore and angry that their bosses pocket all that money. Doesn't seem fair to me.

Driving on the highway through Cairo and its hinterlands you will see both amix of the old and the new. New buildings and fancy hotels aren't far from tall, precarious looking brick buildings. Clunker mini buses and tuk tuks run side by side with private vehicles. People here drive like crap, but they all do so there is a certain rhythm to it. I have never, ever seen road rage anywhere in the world like that found in the USA.

The election results were announced today, so it is actually a significant time to be here. People were in the streets by the thousands, awaiting the news, intent on the radio or on their prayers.

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24th June 2012

Looks like you are having a ball.and you have seen a lot and more to go.Love Grandpa & Grandma
28th June 2012

Camel love
LOL! My camel's name was RAMBO :) I met him riding to a Nubian village after arriving in Aswan. great pic of the pyramid stone. Really gives a perceptive how massive the pyramids are. Love it!

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