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January 27th 2012
Published: February 9th 2012
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Face of ThebesFace of ThebesFace of Thebes

One of the huge statues guarding the Karnak temple.
Woke up in Aswan to a beautiful warm day, perfect for a slow sail down the Nile to Luxor aka Thebes. The Felucca was quite a bit larger than I had imagined, room enough for 13 passengers on the covered deck and a crew of three below. Since it was a cross wind we had to tack back and forth, not making much headway. Not really a problem since we weren't in a rush. That evening we moored on the shore and made ready to spend the night on the Felucca. Interesting to say the least.

The next morning it was a short sail and a bus ride to Luxor. The Luxor museum was the next stop. Containing the best of the best it had statues that could take your breath away. After that it was a trip to the Karnak temple, hundreds of columns that had to be seen to be believedand the photos will back that up.

The main attraction was the Valley of the Kings. Not much to see from the outside but the tombs were spectacular once you entered. The carvings and frescos covered the walls and ceilings, many of which were over 2100 years
Felucca on the NileFelucca on the NileFelucca on the Nile

The boat that we sailed on was deffo "oldschool". Comfy though.
old and were as fresh as the day they were created. Some of the tombs had taken up to 70 years to construct.

Back to Cairo on the night train.

Additional photos below
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Pillars of KarnakPillars of Karnak
Pillars of Karnak

How they erected these is really a feat of engineering.
Colossus of MemnonColossus of Memnon
Colossus of Memnon

Two gigantic statues near the valley of the Kings.

Lesley, her new husband and the dowery.
Medinet HabuMedinet Habu
Medinet Habu

Big wall, little Lesley.
Interior of the Medinet HabuInterior of the Medinet Habu
Interior of the Medinet Habu

I would have loved to have seen this place in it's heyday.
Karnak templeKarnak temple
Karnak temple

Probably my favourite temple. The pillars were fantastic and there were so many of them.
Medinet Habu templeMedinet Habu temple
Medinet Habu temple

This one was surprise. Huge wall with fantastic carvings and then inside it was even better.
Taking a breakTaking a break
Taking a break

from deciphering the hyroglyphics.

9th February 2012

Wonderful !
Thanks for these beautiful pictures ! In September 2011, I also went in Egypt ! Great souvenir for me too... Kisses.

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