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June 8th 2009
Published: June 8th 2009
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As I was getting ready for work this morning, I was informed by one of the other interns that the entire AUC hostel building is under a 24 hour quarantine. This lockdown was imposed by the Egyptian Ministry of Health because of two confirmed H1N1 virus cases found in American study abroad students who arrived in Cairo, last week and residing in the university hostel.

Reuters and Al Arabiya News have reported on the event.

All the residents were tested in true Egyptian style - unorganized and inefficient. One doctor took each residents temperature and told you to remember the reading. You proceeded 15 feet to the next doctor who recorded your name, age, and body temperature (which you had to report). And at the final station, there was another doctor swabbing your throat and placing the swab into an unlabeled test tube. We will be receiving our test results later tonight

My friend from high school is visiting Egypt and had plans to do some sightseeing today in Cairo, but unfortunately those plans were ruined. Hopefully, we will be able to leave by the scheduled 6:00pm release time.

According to my co-worker, who lives in her own apartment and was able to get to work today, people on the new campus are taking extreme measures. Many are wearing face masks and there is a long line at the AUC clinic. As a result of these 2 cases, all non-essential staff is not required to come into work until Sunday, June 14th; a decision made by the VP of Planning and Administration.

I will keep you posted on the situation (from the insider’s perspective).


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