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July 8th 2008
Published: July 8th 2008
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The Great King Toot-Rush-RamanThe Great King Toot-Rush-RamanThe Great King Toot-Rush-Raman

Yes, we did it. We mummified Rush last night!
From Rush - Today we went to the pyramids. They were collosul. Dad , Uncle Matt and I went INTO the Great Pyramid and saw one of the kings burial chambers. It was small - Dad he had to bend down to where he was as tall as Jett! Before that we ate right in front of the new Pyramid and The Sphinx. While we were there I made a little video documentary that you will laugh when you see the end. When we got back we swam in the pool for like two hours. Bye

From Vance - running out of adjectives...amazing place, more scams than the oil business...i am very confused as to how a place can be so rich in culture and so poor in integrity...the pyramids are humbling, the tombs are incredible....the sites are amazing, but i feel like a never ends...from the wrong change at a government window, inaccurate bills at lunch, lies and deceit....i am sure as a people, the egyptians are like the rest of us, but we seem to experiencing a never-ending cycle of somewhat takes away from the amazing adventure, so you have to attempt at getting over the games and enjoy the history and experience...the unique aspect is to be able to get close and almost touch things that are thousands of years old....rush and i were inside the great pyramid all alone, wow....most amazing...not a place for the we were coming down the shaft a young girl freaked out as she was coming up and made her whole family turn around and go back out....

Rush experienced his first bidet (that would be a bottom washer, as rush called it) he was very surprised and the look on his face was priceless....came up with a new clothes washing scheme, i make him get in the shower with all of his clothes on and a bar of soap, and he does his own washing....about 105 degrees here today and the laundry dries in a few hours on the balcony...been waiting for the hilton to tell us to quit drying our clothes on the balcony....the food is great, the coffee is exceptional and this is an incredible experience....hope all is well, miss my wife more i thought i would, she makes me whole....

From Matt - Vance and Rush did a great job describing the day.
Solar BarqueSolar BarqueSolar Barque

The Kings boat for the afterlife
My first impression was - They ARE as big as I though, but when I actually walked right up and realized the magnitude and scale I was blown away. After Giza we went to the oldest pyramids. The Step Pyramid is in Saqqara. This sight is a big jumble of blocks with hyrogliphics and almost deserted. Very few tourists and the best experience of the day from a guide that unlocked the burial chamber of the pharoes two manicurists. The hyrogliphics are still fresh. The paint looked like it was applied maybe a few years ago. In actuality they are almost 5,000 years old. They guide was teaching rush how to read the writing on the wall. He was a great guy and the only person of the day that did not seem to want to rip us off. We tipped him well after 20 minutes of explaining all the hyrogliphs. Brought our faith back in humanity. The pictures are better than the words. Enjoy.

We may not blog for a day or two as we will be travelling to Madagascar. We leave Cairo at 0200 hours for Joburg on thursday morning. I know we threw some people off last week when we missed a day! Will probably happen again. We are excited to meet up with Uncle Karl and Nana in Antananarivo friday nite. Safe travels. Lots of love from here.

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Classic Pyramid photoClassic Pyramid photo
Classic Pyramid photo

Who could resist?
Father and sonFather and son
Father and son

Sphinx in background.

8th July 2008

Thank you for all the details. I can't imagine Vance going into the pyramid. Been there - done that and it was TIGHT for me. Can't wait to see you in Antananarivo! Love you the most! Nana
9th July 2008

I bet you guys are learning allot! If you can just handel the heat and all the walking I bet you will have allot of fun and good memories to share for a lifetime. As you travel keep us posted on the different kinds of foods you encounter. Anything live yet?? Have fun and be safe!
9th July 2008

I'm in love....
....with your posts! Keep 'em comin' guys. I must say, you're taking me on one of my least stressful vacations ever! Thanks!
9th July 2008

Egypt is Great
Egypt is Great, but the pictures are what makes it so wonderful for us bloggers. Ha. Have fun, know you can't wait to get to Matagascar? if I spelled it right. Ha. Love you all, Be safe.
22nd July 2008

Vance, I'm jealous. I've always wanted to go to Egypt. Bring me back some sand or something from the pyramids.

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