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Africa » Djibouti » North January 25th 2017

Djibouti: Djibouti Day and Night 1 2017 Red Sea Swimming, Djibouti 1 2017 1-15-17 Djibouti Toi nho taxi dua toi di den nhung noi ma toi muon di nhu Lake Abbe, Ali Sabieh, Lake Assal. Nhung khong taxi nao di duoc vi can xe 4X4 car di tren duong go ghe. Toi nho tour guide nhung cuoi cung di khong duoc va toi dinh se di ngay hom sau. O day khong co tour office. Toi di bo khap thu do ma chi thay mot tour office va ho tinh di 2 ngay 2 lake Abbe va Assal la 385 dola /nguoi. Toi thay rat it du khach. Toi di het ngay ma chi thay 2 nguoi da trang. O Kenya toi thay rat nhieu. Toi di Lake khong duoc toi muon taxi di quanh thanh ... read more

Africa » Djibouti » North January 25th 2017

Somaliland Somalia Village 1 2017 1-16-2017 Somalia Somalia la su kinh hoang cua the gioi. Sung dan, bat coc, chien tranh giua cac phe phai. Tu nam 1991 nuoc Somalia van duoc coi la mot nuoc duy nhat mac dau no bao gom Somalia nam phia nam, Somaliland nam o phia tay bac va Punland nam o Dong Bac. Trong su nao loan nay nuoc Somaliland duoc hinh thanh. Tro lai lich su nhung the ky truoc Nguoi Somalia song em dem o mien cao nguyen cua nuoc Ethiopia va co su anh huong sau dam nen van hoa Arap tu the ky thu 7. Vung nay tiep nhan su giao thuong voi khoi Arap . Cho den the ky 19 vung cao nguyen nay la vung sa mac Ogaden dat duoi su cai quang cua ... read more

Africa » Djibouti » East » Djibouti City November 10th 2016

Litter was everywhere. It was as if a dumper truck had simply spewed its contents into the street. Random men were lazing about in whatever shade they could find – inside doorways, under trees, besides walls – all of them chewing khat, the ubiquitous drug of choice for men along the horn of Africa. For thousands of years, from the wilds of Yemen to the northern reaches of Kenya, millions of East African men (and sometimes women) had been chewing away on lumps of green leaves to get their stimulation. From what I could see, the men of Djibouti loved it, for all were munching away on the government-approved euphoria, cheeks bulging, teeth stained green. Every morning, fresh lorry loads arrived from neighbouring Ethiopia, which was then distributed among local khat sellers, who sold ... read more

Africa » Djibouti January 20th 2016

There was a video doing the rounds on social media a couple of months ago of a scuba diver in a lake in Iceland diving the gap between the Eurasian and the North American tectonic plates. Well that’s not the only place you can squeeze yourself between continents. Djibouti is the triple junction of the African, Somali and Arabian plates and in the Bay of Ghoubbert, as long as you are quite skinny, you can get a hand on Africa, another on Arabia, and push the continents apart. It was a different and equally undiscovered underwater attraction that brought me here originally. I’ve snorkelled with whale sharks once before in Mexico, and as magical as the few minutes were when it was only me and the giant fish, soon about a dozen boats showed up and ... read more
Ethiopia's Port
Djibouti Coast

Africa » Djibouti May 14th 2014

Murray went to check on the camps receiving Somali refugees escaping conflict in their home country.... read more
Dial a donkey, water home delivery service, Ali Adde
Local hand dug well, Ali Adde
Ali Adde camp

Africa » Djibouti » East » Djibouti City February 17th 2013

Hereare a few pictures of Dubai. Most are from a bus tour that I took which included a Dhow (pronounced “dow”) ride on the Dubai canal, a tour of the Dubai museum and a walking tour through the souks. The canal is in the old part of the city near Bastakiya. Dhows still bring goods into the canal form the Persian Gulf to trade. They unload right on the docks and leave them there until the people who have shops in the souks come and get them. Souk means market. There are textile souks and gold souks and spice souks, etc. The dhows line up three or four deep on each side of the canal. Apparently there are stiff penalties for stealing the products so no one bothers them. Crime is very rare in Dubai. I ... read more

Africa » Djibouti » East » Djibouti City January 16th 2011

It was a very last minute decision to head to Djibouti, but enticed by the chance to snorkel with Whale Sharks, I got a visa in Dire Dawa (and also had to pay my first bribe of the trip), and leaving Ethiopia behind for a few days, jumped onto the overnight bus to Djibouti City. It took a while to get into the swing of things in the former French colony, and I spent the first day or so confused by the language, incredibly annoyed by the lack of Whale Shark tours, and - shocked by the expensive of the place - scared of buying anything. But, once I'd started conversing in a mix of English, broken Arabic, and broken French, learned to ignore the cost of things, and having finally sorted out a Whale Shark ... read more
Old colonial building
Eritrean food kiosk

Africa » Djibouti » East » Djibouti City January 12th 2011

It was almost a year ago that I read that you could snorkel with Whale Sharks in Djibouti. At the time it seemed like a distant pipe dream, and was actually soon forgotten as I travelled through the deserts of Sudan and mountains of Ethiopia. But then, one day in Addis, when I'd heard from some other travellers that they had just done it, I knew I had to give it to a go. From there it took six days of buses, bribes, business cards leading to random addresses, as well as an unhealthy amount of cursing my luck, but finally, this morning, I got to swim with whale sharks. I managed to organise the tour through a friend of a friend of a friend of a tourist I'd met, when it seemed like I wouldn't ... read more
Requin de baleine

Africa » Djibouti » East » Djibouti City January 2nd 2011

Hotel reception sees me walk in. I ask for availability and she replies. “Yes but you are not allowed to bring any women into your room.” I throw my hands in the air, look disgusted and say “What!...” shack my head, pause to wait for her reaction. Hejab wearing lady is like ‘well that’s the rules’ type expression. I smile and say, “Only joking.” But this is the major problem with accommodation in Djibouti its not that one of the cheapest places is $35. But even after charging me this extortionate rate they have the audacity to not give me the freedom of choice on bringing a prostitute back to my room. How outrageous! No wonder this country doesn’t receive much tourism dollars!! I’m actually trying to make myself not sound like a tightarse by complaining ... read more

Africa » Djibouti December 20th 2010

Nothing prepared me for it. I had signed up for just this experience; I knew I was going to see one (or two) of them. But then I SAW the first one…and I about choked on seawater because I was so astounded. I was awestruck and giddy all at once. Just inches away, a whale shark was slipping by, its massive grey body, spotted in white, almost blocking the rest of my view. So close that it practically brushed against me. Then another. And another. *** You will have to take my word that I had this experience, as I did not have a camera capable of taking underwater photos (I am still kicking myself on this account!). But I got to spend hours swimming among a pod of whale sharks, who were seemingly unperturbed by ... read more
This is Djibouti?
Setting Off into the Gulf of Tadjoura
Passing a Tanker

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