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May 4th 2006
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A dreamy picture I shot from the Island.
Moucha and Maskali islands, off Djibouti coast are about 30 to 45 minutes away from the Port and a few Djiboutian francs for the fare.
We use to spend most of our week ends there, swimming, snorkelling, fishing and barbecuing. The place is a real dream for divers. The coral reef is splendour and the colourful fish a delight to the eyes. The sand is hot and so bright, sun glasses are a must.
It is so easy to get there with a small boat. With us we had a large ice box to live on for 2 days. Water bottles, juices, fruits, snacks and even food although we had living fish few metres away in the big blue. We observed Manta Rays, Hammer sharks, grey sharks and more.
We were sleeping in our army sacks and I remember how the sun would hit us out of the bag as early as 6 in the morning. The heat was getting intense inside the duvet I was already sweating. I got out of it and headed straight to the sea. Vow! a real tempered bath. It’s like someone has been running it hot before I wake up.

To make a fire,
Eroded RockEroded RockEroded Rock

From Moucha island
no problems, the isle has a swamp, a marsh and we use to collect dead branches from there. Those trees grow in rather warm waters and saline conditions. They are called Mangroves (Don’t know in English), their roots are apparent and intermingle together. Fascinating sight.

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Unaware at allUnaware at all
Unaware at all

at Moucha island

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