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Africa » Congo » South » Brazzaville January 19th 2011

19:03 I went exploring today!! I had planned to go swimming in the River, and I was close to as well. Just as I was about to jump in, in swimsuit, the patroller told me to beware of the crocodiles…obviously that led to me quickly removing my feet from the water’s edge and pretending to rush of for a forgotten, booked activity! After that I went to a local visitor centre where I found out more about the rainforest along the Congo. The rainforest provides a home for the “forest people”. They live in groups or bands of around 15 – 70 people depending of course on the outside factors. E.g Hunting, Diseases, trading and Forest area. Most of the time they live near villages to ensure they have lots of food, and other things for ... read more

Africa » Congo » South » Brazzaville January 18th 2011

16:34 The Congo River is the largest river system south of the Sahara, it’s 2700 miles long! Also 10 million gallons of water rushes down it every second. It has a big potential for hydro-electricity. The Congo River flows through the 3rd largest rainforest in the world! Aren’t these cool facts! I never knew just how important the Congo River was. ... read more

Africa » Congo » South » Brazzaville January 17th 2011

17:41 I landed at the Brazzaville airport at 7 o’clock in the morning. By then I was very tired and went straight to the hotel (Hotel de ville Brazzaville), on the shore of the Congo River, for a quick nap! I was quite worried about the flight because the African Airways are not as safe and secure due to the lack of Political Stability and that flight in 1989 when the plane crashed after stopping at Brazzaville and N’Djamena…my destination and start point…luckily I had my guide, Abdoul, to convince me, with proof, that I wasn’t going to be blown to smithereens during my journey! My Journey was in fact very pleasant. I planned the rest of my Journey and researched some good activities to do in Congo. Tomorrow I am moving out of the ... read more

Africa » Congo » South » Brazzaville January 17th 2011

04:25 L Sooooooo tired…I had to get up this early to catch the flight to the Congo. I’m going from the Capital of Chad (N’Djamena) to the Capital if Congo (Brazzaville) which is really near to the Congo River. I’ll let you know when I am there what it’s like!... read more

Africa » Congo » South » Brazzaville July 27th 2008

Life without running water involves containers, basins and buckets. In general water is transported in 25 litre containers in carts, wheelbarrows, on heads or in taxis from communal pumps. This single water supply is used for drinking, preparing food, washing oneself, the house, children and laundry. ... read more
A Woman's Life
Feet Washing

Africa » Congo » South » Brazzaville July 26th 2008

There has been no electricity for two days now. Supply from Kinshasa to the whole of Brazzaville has been cut. It’s such a frequent occurrence that no one bothers to moan, everyday life continues in the darkness. Street vendors remain by the roadside, friends congregate at bars yet settle for lukewarm beer and taxis continue to shift the masses from one side of town to another. Complete neighbourhoods are plunged into darkness save for kerosene lamps and candle light. Private generators are increasingly widespread and start to buzz and expulse kerosene fumes as soon as the power is cut, yet generators remain the reserve of the middle class and do little to lift the blanket of darkness within les cités. More worrying is the water supply which tends to ebb away during power cuts. What to ... read more
River Djoue
So Green
The River Congo

Africa » Congo » South » Brazzaville July 25th 2008

Breakfast in Brazzaville can be a surreal experience. The ‘Exotic Palace’ seemed quite a formal affair with tablecloths, while ‘porcelain’ and fully togged waiters. Initially I had the impression of stepping into a 1930s tea room, yet the contest between France24 broadcast in one corner and Celion Dion at the patisserie counter gave this place the truly African touch. Brazzaville’s business men were present en masse. One particular entrepreneur caught my attention, partly because of his meet and greet style (showed off too much, only new to the money and power circles), partly because his assistant was busy shifting files from his briefcase to the table. Thick wads of cash were openly passed around. I scan the room to find someone equally perplexed by the situation, but no one bats an eyelid. The lady next to ... read more
View of Kinshasa from Brazzaville
Le Corniche
Le Corniche

Africa » Congo » South » Brazzaville July 25th 2008

There is no culture of outsourcing. Every business is self-reliant, own electricity supply, security guards, couriers, cleaners. Supermarkets import all their own stock (i.e. no wholesalers), patisseries bake everything in-house, hotels have their own laundry service. The notion of economies of scale is absent, only self reliance ensures survival.... read more

Africa » Congo » South » Brazzaville March 18th 2008

On the first of March left Pointe Noire, truck got stuck in the sand trying to get out of the camp so sand mats out right away, then off again to logging roads, scenery is beautiful dense forests, a few savannahs, logging trucks driving as fast as they could as if always in a hurry, it rained in the afternoon and made the roads tricky, we got stuck briefly as we try to get up the hill, another truck tried to zoom past us as we try to set us free and got stuck as well, tried to get out and in doing so narrowly missed us. Such assholes!!! Found a camping site next to the road again,nice breeze going, fantastic view of the valley below, lightning lit up the sky and we braced for more ... read more

Africa » Congo » South » Brazzaville October 14th 2006

There he stood. Half a head taller than me with skin of a beautiful mahogany colour that was almost radiant. His dress was immaculate; the dust filling the air didn’t seem to stick on his newly ironed shirt nor his black trousers. He had a short and sharp haircut that looked as if he’d just stepped out of the barber’s and his cheek was freshly shaved, revealing his strong cheekbones. Pearls of sweat were breaking through the pores on his nose and at his temples the sweat was so imminent that it had clustered into drops that now ran slowly down his cheeks. Underneath the temples, big thick veins pulsated and protruded from the skull like a bas-relief that the stretched skin in vain tried to cover. And somewhere within the framework of his body those ... read more
Cramped train
Local transport
Before it got cramped

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