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January 20th 2011
Published: December 4th 2011
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Hello again! I found loads out yesterday…I’ll tell u later but first I’m sooooooo glad I didn’t go swimming. According to the Village people not only crocodiles but water snakes, tortoises and hippos also are lurking in there somewhere! Joined by 200 species of fish, I wouldn’t want bump into any of those creatures while swimming! Anyway back to the amazing facts. Did u know that the Congo River is used mainly for goods and transportation? Unfortunately all this transportation of goods leads to pollution of the lovely Congo RiverL. The Congo River’s source is the Junction of the Lualaba and Luvua Rivers and its mouth is the Atlantic Ocean. The people of the village use the water from the River as a source of food, as they fish there, and also a place to collect water to feed their peanut, cotton, tobacco and sugarcane crops as they grow quicker in humid air. Tomorrow I want to go on Boat Ride down the River to find out more and to get lots of pictures to take home! Bye


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