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February 26th 2018
Published: February 27th 2018
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Black Widow
I finally made it out. I didn't realize how long I was gone.. It seemed like years. I got lost coming home from Eros Cafe Bar and Restaurant in Kinshasa. They picked me up when I fell and hit my knee lacerated badly, pooled with blood and grit. They said they knew doctors and could patch me up, I had no idea where the real hospital was. They took me to a building with a long white hall and massive flood lights pointed at the entry way. I don't know if it is true or not, what they taught me there. They claim to have entered my mind through alternate channels using my own cognitive dissonance as a resonator that reverberated through the core of my brain. They said it was antiviral medication in sonic form. They told me about the lineage of viruses and how they have evolved, ditching their protein shells, becoming pure information inhabiting our brains. I know how this sounds but if you look within this framework of reality you can see the pull of attention drawing your mind and thought patterns, reflected in what we see, creating new species of information that can literally shape our brains into thinking a certain way, seeing a certain way, that blocks out any alternative patterns that are outside the limiting forces of information and its tool, language.

This is what they taught me and I believed it for a while but I had to get out of there. I had an opportunity and I took it. I have already probably said to much. I think I need to get out of the country. Looking for the cheapest spot. Eastern Europe maybe?


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