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August 3rd 2009
Published: August 3rd 2009
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Hello friends and family.
I have read once again all comments and I say KEEP EM COMING.
I meet today again with the lawyer to discuss the documents.
Perhaps the birth certificate and one other doc will have arrived from Kamina then I will need only the PASSPORT.
Am hopeful passport will materialize on Tuesday.

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburgr today.

Spoke with Guy Mande again lat night. He is now in USA and provided me fresh hope.

I will try to access my Yahoo email account immediately following this entry but am uncertain of success.

Yes please tell Mom I am healthy. It is the truth.
At the Maloba house is Dr Luther the brothr of Papa Maloba. He is watching over me.

Rachel my Love I miss you like crazy.

Our daughter is fantastic. She is super smart and has excellent motor skills.

I have a box which is her favorite toy. She puts her rattle in it then takes it out again. Repeat.

She stands and walks by herself. She has a very funny way of leaning forward and looking back through her legs. We did this togethr for quite some time this morning.

She sleeps anywhere on the floor in the dirt in my arms.

When we walk with her in the carrier she usually falls asleep.

It is fun waking next to her. Today we played for a while before changing her poopy diaper and going to the family prayer.

Folks here are amazed at the Great Muzungu Papa who changes diapers.

Last night the family and I danced outside under the moonlight. I taught them the HOKEY POKEY.

Big fun.

Mrs A I Love You. Are you able to scratch together any more drachma. I will need it in Kinshasa.

Please resaerch on your end if it can be sent to any Western Union in the world then I can pick it up any where here in Lubu,bashi or in Kinshasa.

Thank you to all of my creditors.

That reminds me please send the child support check for Mitch to Denver. Thank you.

Always strange fees popping up. Fifty dollars each for a Go Pass at the airport. I do not wish to be detained at any airport. They are the busstops of Congo.

Anarchy rules at the airport. Pickpockets abound.

I am ready to depart from this country. Congress how is that NOVENA coming?

Dr Luther and I will be searching for Malaria medication today. He is hopeful.

Must talk with Dr Steve Bouie and Dr Lou about getting Dr Luther to the USA. He is a good man.

Well gotta go now. Thank you to all of you.

The playoff beard has become the playoff Amish beard. Marie likes it. Soft.

I need another conversation with Guy Mande about M Regine. She and her brother in Kinshasa want me to bring her to Kinshasa but that is cost very prohibitive. Difficult to explain due to language barrier. Someone please reach out to Guy with that info. I am having a difficult time reaching him by phone. Thanks.

God has given me the ability to speak in tongues but it is difficult to speak Kiluba zith a Congolese woman but I am trying.

OK gotta roll now. Peace and Love to ALL. Keith.

I LOVE YOU RACHEL. Over and out.


3rd August 2009

Love the blogs, Keith, especially reading about Kamina and dancing. You sound very happy. God is GOOD! :-) Don't forget about the Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide! Peace and love.
3rd August 2009

My Steeler rosary is getting a workout, Keith!
And are you aware that the Steelers training camp is in full swing and everyone is focused and ready to repeat and give us No. 7!!! GO STEELERS!!! Loves ya, little bro, and keep that hokey pokey going. They're going to remember you forever in the Congo. You're certainly making a name for yourself and some friends forever.
3rd August 2009

the Great Muzungu Papa
Go Muzungu!
4th August 2009

Hey Kieth! Andy and I have been praying for you and Rachel through all of this. I also have people in Ohio praying for you guys too! I cant wait to see you guys with Kamina! I am making her a baby blanket and taking it to Rachel this week. We love ya and cant wait till you guys are back home! Prayers will keep coming!
4th August 2009

Congress praying a novena
Hey Little Brother, I'm sure everybody but me is wondering how you got the "Congress" to pray a novena for you! That's a very funny thought! You can explain to them that that is your nickname for me. I've never been able to explain how, why or when it all started. It's not like Congress is any easier to say than Cathy. Te he. I've always found it to be very amusing. Still praying that novena, Cathy
23rd August 2009

I used to teach it to my pre-schoolers
I have enjoyed your blogs. I know you are in a hurry to get home!!!!God Be With YOU and baby.

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