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August 2nd 2009
Published: August 2nd 2009
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Hello friends and family.

I have just read ALL of your comments and mesages although to be honest I do not know what is the difference between a comment and a message. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Yes fear not yall I am still in good spirits. Please tell Mom I am healthy safe and sound and living in the home of one of the most beautiful families on this Earth.

Now I know what I missed Thres Marie Bill Joe and Cath. We have always been a close family and I thank God for that. You should meet the Maloba family. It is as I pictured you Fab Five lived. Happy and LOUD.

Each morning we pray together. I am raised in prayer each day. Yes I am in good hands.

Today after church the Senior Pastor ask if I WOULD PREACH THE SERMON NEXT WEEK.

I told him if I am here I will do it. Look out Congo here I come.

Very hopeful the documents have arrived from Kamina and the Passport may be in Tuesday. We shall see.

Mark I can see you at the RP desk right noz and that comforts me.

Kerri Kari Kerry Karri Karrie and any other possible spellings thank you. Your comments encourage me.

Dan the man Baxter I Love You. Nuff said.

Mitch I Love You and hope you are having a legit time Down Undah.

Truman my son I know you are watching over me and I appreciate your assist. I feel your hand on my shoulder each morning shoving me out of bed for another day. I Love You.

Everyone one else thanks for taking care of my woman.

People here are so intrigued as to how I can be so faithful to ONLY ONE WOMAN. Those of you who now her know my answer. It is easy.

Oh yeah I am growing the Playoff BEARD again until I get back home.

Running low on shaving cream is the true reason. But this is my own RUN FOR THE CUP.

Anyway gotta roll. See yall soon.

Peace and Love. Keith.

Rachel I Love You. By the way I will need extra money when I get to Kinshasa. I think I have enough to get us there. I will know more tomorrow. Being very frugal.

Had a true Congolese cab ride. TWENTY ONE PEOPLE IN A TOYOTA VAN. Hot and sticky and a few other adjectives come to mind. Use your imagination.

Rachel I Lve You. Over and out. Keith.


2nd August 2009

Its glad to "hear" in your message that you are doing well. I am still very emotional over this journey "we" are taking with you. Saw Rachel this moring at church and just started weeping. Your wife is amazing. I love the fact that you are teaching the people songs...that is you, turning something like this into a great experience for others. God is behind all of that!! Kamina is so blessed to have you as her daddy. We are all blessed to be your friend, brother and as a witness. I don't know one single person that could handle this situation the way you have. I love you! Karie xoxo
2nd August 2009

You sound better today :) :)
Everybody's prayers must be working, because you sound better today. I've pulled out the big guns and have decided to pray a novena for your safe return with the week. I've never prayed a novena in my life. At this point though, I'll try anything. I spoke with Mom and Rachel yesterday. I've told Mom you've hit a few snags, and the people in the Congo are getting to enjoy you for a little while longer than planned. Rachel sounds fantastic! She's missing you terribly, but is being well taken care of by your circle of friends. It's a testament to how terrific you both are. People care so much about you both. Please stay safe and give that adorable little girl of yours a big kiss and hug from her Aunt Cathy! Love ya much, Cathy
2nd August 2009

we are watching and hoping
Keith Bill and I and Alana are in touch with family and read your blog daily. We continue to pray that you and Kamina are safe and will return home soon. Your travels and life experiences are unbelievable and you have maneuvered well; God is definitely watching you. We love you very much. Linda Bill and Alana
3rd August 2009

Keith, You know how much you are missed and how much we LOVE Rachel. We will keep the prayers going until we see your smiling face again, even then we may have a few left over for you All. Love and Miss You

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