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Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Likasi May 2nd 2010

Just a clarification from my last entry’s title ... “This Must Be Just Like Living in Paradise (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” ... it’s a song that we listen to almost every morning in the office. It doesn’t mean that I actually “don’t wanna go home” although I do have mixed emotions on the subject. With that aside ... here we go... It’s been 2 weeks since we returned from the reunion in Zambia and landed back in the DRC running. Erick got malaria while we were in Zambia and was extremely sick for a week after ... a week that we were hosting a visitor and friend to Hands, Bernard from Germany. Overall the visit was a huge success but after getting very little sleep during the reunion I was not ready to “host” ... read more
Main Street Kapolowe
Tall Grass
Welcome to Kimboye

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Likasi April 5th 2010

Early this year Ken Mwanza and I made the trip from Luanshya, Zambia to Likasi, DRC. On a map the distance between these 2 locations looks like nothing but a nice Sunday drive through central Africa ... however ... in reality it could easily be a 2 day journey. A combination of terrible roads and bureaucratic garbage (so common to the Congo) make this expedition an interesting one. It’s been 3 months since we entered the country and we’ve become accustomed to the Congolese way of life and ... have even started to enjoy it. On Tuesday, April the 13th we will leave this country we’ve struggled to become fond of and will enter back into Zambia for a 4 day conference. Excitement is building as the reunion with long lost friends and family grows closer ... read more

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Likasi March 22nd 2010

Wednesday was a tough day ... Erick, James, and Lynn met with Esperance to discuss our future connection with them. This had been an issue long before I arrived in the DRC ... it had been a constant power struggle with the leaders of Esperance ... and because we discovered they were stealing money they’d been backed into a corner and we found something else ... there had been zero home visits in the 4 communities here in Likasi and the feeding points had been almost useless. We then “took over” Toyota and made sure the feeding point was being run correctly and home visits started happening. In December Erick took me to the community of Shituru to see Leontine for the first time ... I couldn’t even say anything. No child should have to go ... read more

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Likasi March 17th 2010

Something that hit me pretty hard recently: Last Sunday afternoon I was doing what I do most Sunday afternoons ... relaxing ... reading ... listening to music ... trying to prepare for the week ahead. I decided that my emails needed checking and started the decent to the office. It’s a well known fact here that if my computer is plugged into one of the outlets in the office all of our power cuts ... I stay away from that outlet ... usually. Sunday I had different plans ... like I said in my last entry that injection must have taken some of my memory ... because I went right ahead and plugged my computer into the “forbidden outlet”. Surprise surprise ... power cut ... however this time it was a bit more serious ... we ... read more

Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » South » Likasi February 24th 2010

I would like to start by saying ... when I first came here to Likasi ... it wasn’t listed as a location on ... now it is ... I’ve got some pull. I last left you to prepare for our Toyota church leader’s training ... our first meeting with the pastors of Toyota was almost 2 weeks ago now and we’ve had 3 meetings since ... our 4th and final is this Saturday the 27th of February ... where we will present those in attendance with big certificates ... that have taken me almost a week of preparation. Other than the certificates the training has gone AMAZING! All the pastors have been super interested and receptive of what we/mostly Erick has to say ... and once again ... they are all from different churches and ... read more

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