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March 16th 2008
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My apologies for not posting pictures yesterday. The one internet café in Saint Vincent had only one computer with internet & the wireless cost $10 an hour. I just couldn’t justify spending that amount when I’ll be in Barcelona in less than a week.

Cape Verde was great…way too quick, but great. I signed up for a shore excursion in the morning because it was cheap and the only way I’d be able to see the island in the amount of time we had to spend there. We visited a vegetable market and fish market, saw an old prison and went to a national park that has an absolutely beautiful view of the island. We ended the tour at a hotel that had traditional music and snacks and yummy, yummy mango juice!

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in the afternoon, so when a couple of people mentioned they were going to a football (soccer) game, I decided to join along. We walked to the stadium and found we had a currency problem. Cape Verde is a lot like the Seychelles in that they accept foreign currency from foreigners. However, we only had dollar bills not Euro bills (they don’t accept change) and since the dollar is so bad they didn’t want our dollars! We had to walk around following some random guy for 30 minutes trying to find someone that would switch our dollars for their local currency so we could buy our football tickets! We finally found a dollar changing hotel and bought our tickets and got our seats. We actually stayed for two football games and it was hilarious. We didn’t understand a word people were saying around us, but we made
friends with pretty much all of them. They would buy us peanuts, beer, shots of random liquor and they would find people to change our dollars for us. The entire experience was quite hilarious and I was really glad I decided to go. We ate dinner out at a nice restaurant…I had tuna that was delicious (although not as good as Mimi’s!) & we headed back to the boat for our ETL of 8:00. All in all, Cape Verde was a great break and it made me excited to be in Barcelona for a whole week!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day and I’m the only person on the boat that’s ever even lived in Ireland. I bought some green cups and napkins and I plan to put up posters around the boat tonight & just have an Irish celebration tomorrow at dinner. I’m sure it won’t be like actually being in Ireland, but hopefully it will be a close second!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Xoxo Meg


16th March 2008

green beer
We'll be celebrating St. Paddy's day at Mimi's tomorrow night with Linda and Mike Potter. We'll have a toast in your honor...maybe with green beer! Love you, Mom xoxo
17th March 2008

St. Patrick's Day!
Ray and I are going to Mimi's on St. Patrick's Day to celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary ... so I guess I'll see your Mom and Dad there! I love reading your blog ... keep up the good work!

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