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Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente May 29th 2013

Sailing to Cape Verde We left the Canaries on Dec 15, 2011, and sailed to Sao Vicente in Cape Verde, and anchored at Mindelo on Dec 21. It took 6 days and for the first 5 days, the sail was very rough and nobody felt like eating much. I was very surprised that I was able to read my plant book, which has very small print, and felt fine during rough seas. We were going 10-14 knots with just the jib a bit rolled up, wind was around 35 knots and we had to roll in the jib a bit more for the autopilot to work. The boat made a record speed of 19.8 knots for a brief moment. I was on watch one night and it was all dark except for a light in the ... read more

Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente May 20th 2010

Whenever we begin an ocean passage, I think of the early explorers and what thay must have thought as they began their journey to the unknown. Now crossing an ocean is a fairly common occurrence especially with the advent of GPS, radar and stabilizers. The weather is always unpredictable but modern day ships are better able to handle sudden storms and rough seas. This cruise across the Atlantic Ocean turned out to be the best weather-wise of our previous fifteen crossings. The southerly route and the time of year improve the chances for a smooth cruise. As the toast goes, we had “fair winds and following seas” all the way. To celebrate this passage we decided to have a dinner party for our Cruise Specialists group. We thought that another fancy meal would be a bit ... read more
Regent Staff Join in the Fun
The Margarita Bar
Larry & Dodi

Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente April 5th 2009

Happy Palm Sunday! Today we are in Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands, which is just off the most western part of the African continent. It is a volcanic island that gets almost no rain, so the dark barren mountains run right down to the sea. Very dramatic. They speak Portugese here so I can't read the billboards and signs. But they drive on the proper side of the road! It seems most of the other places we've been don't! :-) Since it is Palm Sunday, everything in the town is closed, so we just walked around. The beautiful old buildings are painted gorgeous bright colors and there are lots of really old, but still-in-use wooden fishing boats in the harbor. There isn't a cloud in the sky and the temp is about 75, so perfect touring weather. ... read more

Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente December 8th 2007

Life at sea. So filled with contrasts that you every minute is torn between the most extreme feelings and emotions there are. A day when the sun smiles down on you and the wind is favourable you feel like you are on the top of the world and everything just makes sense. Whereas when the rain pours down and the wind makes the sea angry you merely feel like a wet spot with no purpose or place! So far on the journey we have experienced mostly sun and nice weather, however as we left Safi in Morocco the wind increased with high waves as a consequence that left many of us sea sick, including me. Right now Gunilla is moored in Mindelo, Cape Verde and we are planning to stay here until Sunday the 9th of ... read more
Sun set at sea
Hoisting the flag
Huts on Santo Antaõ

Africa » Cape Verde » São Vicente June 13th 2007

St Louis-Dakar-Cape Verde Tom Griffithurl='/Videos/3729.html' onclick='dialog("/Videos/3729.html?popped=1","tbvideo",600,600);return false;' Festa! Cape Verde, like most isolated micronations, is a pretty bloody weird place. It is not exactly a tourist mecca, lying out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and coming somewhere slightly above Burkina Faso in the,'Where the hell is that?' stakes. In fact, I'd barely heard of it until we saw it in the West Africa Lonely Planet and thought it might be a nice place to visit, if we ever had the time, the inclination, the money... which we realised we did have, once we met a friendly American couple at the Senegal-Mauritania border who had been to the archipelago, and raved about it. After leaving Saint Louis, we headed down the Senegal coast to Dakar, the chaotic a... read more
Antao over Antao
Caboverdean chicos

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