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Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala May 27th 2012

In February 2012, my services were enlisted to attend to an electrical matter on a ship in Douala. The flight, via Libreville, Gabon, was quite tiring, and it was relief to get my sore butt off the plane. After a long wait for the baggage to reach the carousel, we were whisked into town by the agent, who had our passports. More on that later. It transpired that I would lodge at the Hotel Prince de Galles , in Akwa, downtown Douala. The ride into town was daunting, to say the least. Some vehicles drive without their lights at night. The roads are in poor condition, but the show goes on. After checking in, I dropped my bags in my room and headed off to the pub downstairs. The only local brews were Castel, and the ... read more
The village en route to the harbour
Ican. Canoe?

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala January 21st 2011

We arrived into an extremely humid (from which I fear our hair will never recover) Douala at about 5am, a short drive later and we were at the home of our Cameroonian family. There were a lot of people there to greet us and having not slept all night it was very difficult to get to grips with who everyone was, it still is a bit. After having the tour of the home we were asked what we would like to do, it dawned on us that this was a normal time to be up and about in Douala so we quickly mentioned going to bed before we were roped into some activity or other! People it seems sleep for about 6 hours and this does not sit well with Daniel at all. Later once we ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala December 25th 2007

Leaving Oslo The buzzer went of at 04:15, as programmed, and up we went. It was cold, -11 centigrade, and Anja didnt want to leave the warm cosy bed, but I managed to kick here out of it. We hurried to the airport with all our luggage. It looked like we were going on a major expedition, as we had no less than 14 kollis. The girl at the checkin counter made huge eyes, but went along with it, and sent us off, despite us beeing a little bit over the limit. Security wasn't to bad at this early hour, but there were thousands of people in the departing area, as a lot of charter flights where leaving at the same time as us. 10 minutes prior to boarding, my brother decided he needed some cash, ... read more
Dining at Mediterranee

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala June 6th 2007

We arrived in Cameroon on the worst roads I've ever experienced. Crossing the border from Nigeria on a Thursday morning, it was Saturday before we arrived in the city of Douala - a grand total of 400km in 2 and a half days! The dirt roads here are rendered impassable at times in the rainy season and one local described them to us as bad "beyond human comprehension" - he hit the nail on the head there! Miraculously, we only got bogged in the gluey mud once, when knee deep in slime, the truck had to be dug out and crumbled termite mounds used for traction (now there’s an interesting, and useless, tip for you!). Our base in Cameroon was the city of Douala, the largest city in Cameroon (though not the capital, which is Yaoundé). ... read more
Bubble wrap shoes
Yum Yum

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala March 20th 2007

Today, parents are going to Douala to purchase some items. I am going with them. The distance from Bafoussam to Douala is exactly 243 kms, It however takes more time get to Douala than to go to Yaounde (287 kms away) because the road to Douala is poorly maintained and requires drivers to move slowly. It takes usually at least 4 hours and a half to cover the 243 kms, sometimes even 5 hours! Notice that this is also due to the many boroughs encountered along and the resulting humps on the road near agglomerations. Douala is in the littoral province of cameroon. It borders the sea and is the economic capital of the country were most companies are headquartered. These days, many streets in the city are undergoing reconstruction. It generates a lot of ... read more
Akwa neighborhood
Orange Building Akwa.
candlelit hotel room at "rue des palmiers"

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala March 7th 2007

Douala 17h30 Eventually arrived in Cameroon late that wednesday evening. It took very long to complete the entry procedures. I had a very warm welcome from the family/relatives. It is so nice to be back. The place has not change much. Douala is a as hot as ever, and very humid. Upon arrival, we are heading straight to the hotel because my hometown is not Douala. Tonight I will hopefully have a deep rest after the lenthy trip We left the luggages at a hotel in akwa neighborhood named "Procure des missions". Well It is not actually a hotel. It is a place primarily intended to host missionaries and other religiously connected people. But they also have rooms to let to general people. The atmosphere there is very good. There is church service conducted by ... read more
Douala Airport
Welcoming Douala
Bonaberi (Douala)

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala May 25th 2005

Que pena los tenia algo descuidados, pero he estado un poco ocupado terminando un proyecto, bueno hace 2 semana estuve en las playas de Camerún en lugar especial llamado Limbe, la playa es bonita pero nada que envidiarle a las playas colombianas, aquí venden toda clase de comidas de mar, esta vez tuve la oportunidad de comerme un gran cangrejo por solo $1000 pesos colombianos muy rico, desde esta playa tu puedes ir a Nigeria a través de bote y solo te toma 3 horas yo no lo pude hacer por cuestiones de visa pero los camerunenses no necesitan, otra cosa que quería comentarles y que es muy tradicional en Camerún es el consumo de ciertas semillas, y que yo las he probado y son 100 % efectivas, bueno son 3 semillas una semilla se llama ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala April 25th 2005

Hola otra semana mas!!!! y mas experiencias, esta semana estuve en un evento muy bonito la inauguración de una iglesia católica, y cuando digo inauguración es inauguración, todo empezó el viernes por la noche con un gran concierto en la iglesia con toda clase de música, música religiosa, clásica, opera, rock, cantos gregorianos, todo muy bonito uno de los mejores actos que he asistido, unas voces preciosas nada que envidiarle a los famosos tenores aquí hay mucho talento. Pude escuchar canciones en ingles, francés y algunos dialectos propios de ellos, el sábado estuve en el gran evento que fue la inauguración oficial asistió un Cardenal su nombre es Christian Lumi, solo 3 africanos estuvieron postulados a papa entre ellos este personaje, todo estuvo a la altura muchas personas compraron su vestido para la ocasión y no ... read more
Que alegria como le cantan y bailan a Dios

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala February 24th 2005

Bueno esta semana quiero hacer un paréntesis, pues paso algo muy difícil para mi familia y para mi, cuando yo estaba dispuesto ha hacer este viaje, trate de estar lo mejor preparado posible, ahorre plata para pagar mis tiquetes, estudie idiomas, me prepare profesionalmente para cumplir con las exigencias de mi trabajo, me prepare también sicológicamente para estar lejos de los que quiero, pero me falto una cosa, prepararme para los designios de Dios, esta semana tristemente para mi y felicidad para ella, mi abuela falleció, es algo que todos sabemos que va pasar algún día pero para lo cual nunca estaremos preparados ni listos a aceptar, más aun cuando ese ser querido para nosotros fue tan maravilloso y especial, por eso les digo a todos disfruten sus seres queridos ahora que los tienen cerca porque ... read more
Haciendo la fila para la comida
Comida Funeral
Comida casa del jefe

Africa » Cameroon » West » Douala January 30th 2005

Hola Muchachos me alegra que todas las cosas estén bien, he recibido e-mail de varios de ustedes cosa que me alegra para que me mantengan informado de chismes!!!! aquí hay otras experiencia!!!!! Bueno cada semana me encuentro cosas nuevas, se acuerdan que en un mensaje yo les había contado que aquí cada vez que una persona muere, o cumple anos de haber muerto se celebra una fiesta? pues si esta semana estuve en otra fiesta, pero a diferencia de la otra pude tener mas interacción y pude estar desde el comienzo, bueno les voy a relatar algunas cositas, la fiesta se prepara con días de anticipación se reúnen todos los miembros de la familia, y se deciden varias cosas que se va comer, donde se va hacer, como se van a vestir, preparan los bailes etc, ... read more
Baile funeral
la muerta y yo
Otro retrato

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