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Africa » Burkina Faso » Sud-Ouest November 23rd 2018

The irrepressible moto-tricycle driver Abu would invariably reach our evening’s campsite before us, and, punters distracted by tea and coffee and the prospect of ‘ablutions’, he and the guides would put up our generous-sized lightweight tents, clipping the fabric to the poles so that the tents could be moved around as required. I hate to think how hard it would have been to try and bang a tent peg or two into this hard unforgiving ground. Usually the flysheets would be left to one side – anything to reduce the temperature in the tents by a degree or two – but one evening, cautious of the amount of lightning that had been flickering in the far distance all evening, we put them on. And only just in time. My recollection is that it then rained pretty ... read more
sunrise over our Kounadougou homestay
pottery dancing, Kawara
carrying it high in Banfora

Africa » Burkina Faso » Sud-Ouest November 22nd 2018

The faces shine out at me, as intrigued by us as we are by them. I can hear the drums, the insistent beat, as the women start to move, clay pots balanced precariously on their heads. I feel the heat of the mid-afternoon sun. I can smell the dust, the cooking fires. I laugh at the children, born with the beat in their blood, the youngest barely able to stand but already able to dance. And then my phone beeps, and I’m at my desk in London, shivering in several layers of winter clothing, as I sort through my photographs. But for a few minutes I was there, back in Kawara, watching the laughing faces of the dancers, uncaring about the weight of the pots on their heads, sweat pouring off their faces, and the kids ... read more
pottery dancing, Kawara
Moussono Peaks
granaries in the old 'troglodyte' village

Africa » Burkina Faso » Sud-Ouest » Gaoua November 14th 2009

Geo: 10.3271, -3.18466The drive to Gaoua was supposed to take 3 hours (which we immediately doubled to 6) but it quickly became apparent that both our driver and our vehicle were a little off centre. The engine started overheating and prompted a couple of stops which drew crowds and plenty of loud advice but no actual fixes. At the next major centre we were encouraged to wander through the local market while a mechanic, who appeared out of nowhere, replaced the rad hose (which, of course turned out to be unrelated to the overheating problem).. After a couple more stops, we found another mechanic at the next (and last) big town before Gaoua who replaced the bracket for the fan (which, of course, was also unrelated to the actual problem). The next breakdown gets very concerning ... read more
Market Day
Gan Village
DH Offerring The Chief A Photo

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