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Africa » Botswana » North-West » Maun January 20th 2007

We had a nightmare of a journey today: 10 hours on a crowded truck with uncomfortable seats and no air-con in the African sunshine. Because of our long ride we left early which in turn meant getting up at 4.30am. With last night's antics in the bar not long past, a lot of us boarded the truck clearly still drunk and were asleep within seconds. After a couple of hours we crossed into Botswana, a rarity in Africa in that it's run quite competently by all accounts and enjoys - relatively - high standards of living. We are here for 6 nights, taking in 2 of Botswana's 3 main highlights: the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park (the other highlight is the Kalahari). To speed up our journey we'd had to make packed lunches in ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Maun January 16th 2007

So I've been traveling in Botswana now for two weeks. I've come across some interesting travel methods. I left Lusaka on an overnight bus. I must say that the Lusaka bus station was much friendlier at 10PM than it was at 7AM. At 7AM everyone wants to direct me to a Livingstone bound bus, whether that is where I'm going or not. I'm white, I must be going to Livingstone. If they don't want to do that, they want to change money for you. At night, I got asked for a few cabs and one guy asked if I knew where he could sell diamonds. At 6AM on Wednesday morning I'm waiting in line at the Zambia/Botswana border waiting for immigration to open. Around noonish I get dropped in Nata where I wait for a Maun ... read more
Packed in a Hi-lux
Shakawe Ferry
Ride from Seronga

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta January 15th 2007

I have returned to Maun after my sojourn into the Okavango Delta. After learning and seeing pictures of the Okavango Delta it became one of those places I just had to visit. The Delta is created where the Okavango River decides to battle the Kalahari Desert. The desert wins. The river dies a sandy grave. But in the process, it creates this magnificent wetland area in the middle of a desert. Inside the delta there are areas of permant swamp and annual swamp. Right now is the rainy season so the delta is slowly filling up with water. In April/June time frame the waters will reach their peak. Most of the water in the delta comes from the rains in Angola. It takes several months for the water to fill the delta. Usually sometime after the ... read more
Mekoro sunset
Bringing in the fishing net

Africa » Botswana » South-East » Gaborone January 7th 2007

As we rushed down from Gaborone to celebrate New Years Eve in Cape Town, we had been arrested by Karma police a mere hours drive before the big city in the small town of Worcester - and sentenced to a 10-day meditation course. Therefore I sat in silence on my small meditation cushion, contemplating, focusing. Around me were 35 other meditators, all doing their best trying not to move, not to look, not to plan for the future, and not to drift into the past but to follow the teacher’s instructions and be in the present moment. Often I would catch my mind wandering far away from the meditation technique and I would then patiently try to bring my mind back on track - observing - not reacting - realising. At times I would allow my ... read more
Three Wildebeests

Africa » Botswana January 2nd 2007

hi! we've been to botswana, which was wonderful as you can see on our pics! I'll tell you about one special adventure in detail: The elefant attack We were sitting on our vehicle, which means we've got no cover or protection around us, just benches on a vehicle, one higher than that before. And we came to an elefant, a big bull, which was standing alone. When we arrived he was interested in us, he looked directly at us and stopped eating. just stood there and watched us. And we watched him. Apparently he found us neutral, because after one minute he started eatig leaves from a tree nearby while he continued staring at us. Suddenly (very very suddenly) he turned around, facing us again und shook his huge head, so that his trunk swung to ... read more
Coffeebreak in the bush
Raging Elephant

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park December 30th 2006

Thanks everyone for your comments, and Best Bod, this is one trip I would not do as a class trip - you are so right! The after effects of the rafting are interesting, I can still hear the roaring of the water as I went under and also feel that frightening moment of not knowing whether to breath or not. Water rushed at me from all directions, even my eyes seemed to fill up at times! However, I am glad that I did it! Boxing Day saw us up early for a trip to Botswana, to the Game Park at Chobe. We travelled in an overlanders lorry - a bright red lorry with lovely amount of glass window and leg space. The trip was free becaue we were cheeky enough to ask for a lift - ... read more

Africa » Botswana December 30th 2006

Hi! We just came back to Pretoria after 3 days in Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana. We still got tears of happiness in our eyes about what beautiful animals we've seen there! We will issue a longer entry with some of the best photos soon. For now a Happy new year for all of you! We will celebrate in the plane from Johannesburg to Hongkong. Wir sind heute vom Wildtier-Camp Mashatu in Botswana (3Laender-Eck Suedafrika, Zimbabwe und Botswana) nach Pretoria zurueck gekehrt. Schon wieder haben wir unglaublich schoene Tage durchlebt. Von 40 Grad im Schatten ueber Gewitterregen, aber das schoenste waren die Wildtiere! Wir berichten bald mehr darueber, wenn wir auch die Fotos fertig fuer den Upload haben. Besonders an alle Familienmitglieder und Freunde senden wir unsere besonders lieben Neujahrswuensche und Kuesse! Bis bald auf diesem ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park December 29th 2006

After our initial tour had ended, new people had joined in Livingston and our driver had crushed one of the tents trying to bump start the truck (the battery was dead) we crossed the border into Botswana on the ferry. Settling at a camp site near Chobe national park we headed into the park on the following day and caught glimpse of yet another Leopard. Classically this one was lazily dangling his paws from a tree. Also there were multiple sightings of Elephants (which are being culled at the moment in Chobe due to their very high numbers) and the torrential rain made the game drive a little uncomfortable but very ammusing. In the afternoon we had a cruise down the Chobe river and got close looks at many Hippos (Africas most dangerous animal!) and Crocodiles. ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park December 12th 2006

Whoops, seems to have been an eternity since the last blog update but for the select few that have sampled the Sydney nightlife i'm sure u'll understand why!! Ok, where were we ....................................Namibia. Namibia was a 6 hour journey from the Okavango Delta where we camped for one night next to the Zambezi river. The only reason Namibia was included in the itinery of the Truck trip was that it was easier to travel to Chobe in Botswana going via Namibia. The only sight seeing we indulged ourselves in was the 'floating bar' and the inside of our tents. The 'floating bar' as you can see from the photo was a bar situated in the middle of the Zambezi river and to gain access was a 'floating walkway' which was no wider than two feet. On ... read more
Floating Bar
Swimmers on River Cruise
Monitor Lizard on River Cruise

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Maun December 7th 2006

A hollowed out tree trunk boat took us to the beautiful conservation area that is the Okavango Delta; a river delta that is almost dried up (100years) but is still full of reeds and shallow water ways and of course , a variety of animal and plant life. This is a really special place. The government only let a certain number of tourists there and there are strict rules on no litter, no soaps and deoderants!! We weren't even allowed to leave fruit peel cos it wasn't native to the land. Each morning we were up at 5am for a three hour bush walk while it was still 'cool'! By 9am it was 40 degrees in the sun- no kidding! The bush walks were brill. We saw alsorts of animals right up close and got to ... read more
Washing up at camp!
Watering hole at the delta
Safari walk

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