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Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park October 18th 2006

A long day on the road to cover lots of distance. We passed though several storms in the afternoon and had a brief stop at Kasane for supplies then onto our nearby campsite which is right on the banks of the Chobe river. The camp has thatched covered areas under which to pitch our tents and an electric fence to keep out the hippos which can be heard in the river. Apparently it is for the hippos own protection as well as us, a hippo got stuck in the camps swimming pool once and died. We completed the night with a few beers in the camps bar. ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Maun October 17th 2006

There was time for one final game drive starting at 6am. We saw the now familiar giraffe and zebra. There were huge herds of impala. The most alarming moment was when someone noted to the guide that one of the elephants had only one tusk. Our guide, called Master, said ‘I don’t like that one - he is mad - he might chase us all the way back to camp’. We were told to silently and quickly to cross a piece of open ground to reach the safety of some cover - which of course we did. The day was clear and hot early on. Sadly it was time to leave the camp in the delta. We loaded the boats and were poled for an hour back to the point where we could pick up ... read more
Elepant graveyard
Giraffe carcasse
Awaiting departure

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta October 16th 2006

Up before daybreak at about 5 in order to be ready to start a guided walking safari into the bush at 6 sharp. We split into several small groups. We saw elephant, giraffe, zebra, steenbok and fleetingly a wild cat. We saw tracks of some nocturnal creatures such as hyenas and anteaters. Our guide also showed us the track made by a python. It was overcast but incredibly sticky. We returned to the camp at about 9am. The rest of the day was at leisure. The locals caught some catfish and rather horribly one was still alive and writhing as they placed it on the grill above the campfire. The local women spent much of their time weaving handicrafts out of reeds such as bangles and bowls. Only the men seem to be able to ... read more
Yei women making handicrafts
Camp chat
Patricia peeps out

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta October 15th 2006

The mouse reappeared and peed on the mosquito net when Jen screamed. We prepared our bags for the trip into the bush camp in the Okavango Delta.An open sided truck appeared and we crammed ourselves and the supplies on board. Potsy was in charge (Kat staying behind in Maun). The first half an hour was along reasonable roads but there followed two hours along incredibly bumpy roads assign remote settlements of traditional village huts with reed roofs and mud walls (sometimes fabricated with a core of empty beer cans). We forded a river and passed a final village where the ‘polers’ live and shortly after stopped at the reed bed where the ‘makuros’ and the polers were waiting for us. My first alarming impression of the makuros, which are the local canoes hewn from a ... read more
Botswana houses
Sheltering from the sun
Female poler

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Maun October 14th 2006

Another early start for our journey into Botswana. . At the border we had to disembark and cross as pedestrians in the stifling heat. Once in Botswana the journey was notable for the number of donkeys encountered - some causing Mwangi to brake suddenly. We stopped for lunch at the roadside near swirling vultures. A car load of drunk African youths arrived playing loud music. They were intimidating but Kat (and straight talking Lindsay with a ‘nice to meet you - now f*** off’) sent them packing. We arrived at the very backpacker oriented site. We paid for the upgrade to a wooden hut with double bed (but no plumbing). After an evening in the busy bar, we returned to our ‘luxury lodgings. A mouse ran over the mosquito net - its feet dimpling the ... read more

Africa » Botswana October 9th 2006

We encountered our easiest border crossing yet as we crossed into Botswana; they even chatted ad laughed with us, rather than the usual 'can't be bothered with these bloody msungos'! After a couple of long drive days, we arrived at the Okavango Delta, a watery wilderness consisting of a vast 15,000-sq-km maze of lagoons, channels and islands. We travelle in pairs by mokoro, a shallow dug out canoe which is poled from a standing position. It looked very precarious as we wobbled onto them, clutching our cameras and willing our bedding not to get too wet! As it turned out Wako, our poler was brilliant; he was able to negociate what seemed like a labyrinthine of waterways as we layed back and relaxed, arriving at our base camp surprisingly not wet at all. We were lucky ... read more

Africa » Botswana September 23rd 2006

Africa » Botswana September 21st 2006

I crossed the border into Botswana bright and early. I had both been hoping that I would find some form of public transport at the Botswanan border post, but I soon realised that the only way I would be going anywhere was on foot. It was already hot, despite the fact that it was just 7am and my backpack seemed heavier than ever. I must have walked for about 2kms, before hearing the sound of a vehicle in the distance. I was lucky the driver stopped and gave me a lift to the river ferry. I was feeling a bit stressed as I hadn't been able to get any pula in Namibia and I hadn't seen a bank in a couple of days. To make matters worse I didn't really have many Namib dollars either. I ... read more
Monkey oranges for sale
Termite mound
Catch of the day - water lillies and fresh fish

Africa » Botswana September 9th 2006

As soon as we crossed into Botswana you were aware that you had moved into another part of Africa - a lot wealthier than where we have been so far. Our first stop was a huge supermarket, which was so well stocked it was like being back at home. You could get all sorts of luxuries so everyone stocked-up, just in case this was a one off. We only had one afternoon in Chobe National Park and this was spent on a cruise on the river. We saw so many elephants, it was so nice to see them living in such large groups. They would come down from the hills and gradually disappear into the water until all that was left to see was the trunk, their very own snorkel helping them swim across. We also ... read more
Lady punter

Africa » Botswana September 5th 2006

September 5th saw us heading for Botswana. It was a relatively short drive and we stopped on the Botswana side to stock up on supplies. What a difference! You forget how little choice the Zimbabweans have until you’re faced with a fully stocked shop just across the border! We had another short drive to our campsite on the outskirts of the Chobe National Park where we set up camp and had a picnic. That afternoon we went on a river cruise into the Park, it was a fantastic afternoon with loads of game coming down to the water. We were even treated to the sight of elephants swimming across the river, at one stage all we could see was the tip of the trunk. Other sightings included Impala, Waterbuck, Kudu, Buffalo, Hippos, Fish Eagle and Crocodiles. ... read more
Chobe Elephants
Chobe Hippos
Fat Croc

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