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Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane August 28th 2019

Sad to say it's our last day in Kasane, travelling to Namibia tomorrow morning for the next leg of the adventure, but what a last day it was. We headed into the reserve at around 8 hving heard so much about it but not knowlking what to really expect. Got to the gate and sorted the day permits out and got ready to go in and noticed all these people letting their tyres down. Normal behaviour when driving in sand but why would they do it here I thought, we'd find out later. The first 10km was pretty uneventful with a few sightings of Impala, some beautiful brds and a few Baboons. Once we got to the river trail though it all changed. Rafts of Bufallo all over the river banks, Impala and Water Buck everywhere. ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Kasane August 26th 2019

Day 3 started with a cheekly little lie in until 5. Away from Palapye by 5:45 and heading north again, this time to our final destination in Botswana, Kasane. Leaving early gave us an opportunity to see another amazing sunrise and within a couple of hours we were tucking into a Wimpy breakfast in Francistown. After Francistown the landscape became more and more African with endless grassy savanahs either side, absolutely stunning. The traffic was extremely light with the majority of other traffic being intermittent lorries heading south presumably back to Gaberone and South Africa. Reaching Nata after about 4 hours we stopped for fuel and a wee in probably the least disirable toilets you've ever seen, fortunately though Reet had bought wet wipes, a flannel and soap. After Nata the A3 trurns west and we ... read more

Africa » Botswana » South-East » Gaborone August 25th 2019

African Diary 2016 Thursday, February 1, 2016 Saturday, January 30 was a strenuous day. At 3:30 AM I had to get up in Burgdorf at Ilsabe’s. The cab picked me up at 4 and I was at the Hannover Airport by 4:30 AM, 90 minutes before departure of a KLM flight to Amsterdam. The check in with a business class ticket was a breeze, I felt privileged and grateful for Nicky that he made me take this step. Also Martin and Ilsabe are supportive of me spending their inheritance. We landed in Amsterdam in stormy weather around 7 AM and I had three hours to kill. The way to the lounge was long and even this early the stores were already busy. I had a cup of coffee in a comfortable chair. A few minutes after ... read more

Africa » Botswana » Central » Palapye August 25th 2019

So day 2 started the same as day 1, at 4am. Found a great coffee stop en route (or so we thought). A brand new gas station with an OK Supermarket, sadly though they don't sell coffee on a Sunday, the lord must be detoxing or something. On the road heding north through the Northern Cape and into the NW Provice got us to the Botswana border for 8am. I have to be honest the process was a little daunting at first as noone really tells you what you have to do. There's a few things involved and yep at one stage you have to part with cash surprise surprise (vehicle permit and insurance aparently). It's the first time I've been in a proper no-mans-land and it was qute an experience. All in all the guys ... read more

Africa » Botswana August 18th 2019

Today was amazing. Our first day of Safari. Seeing beautiful animals up close and quite personal. First I’ll give a quick rundown of Shabbat and early this morning. Friday we went rafting. We were all wiped out when we returned and some took a nap while others prepared Shabbat. We had a lovely and very entertaining dinner where we rehashed everything about the rafting trip over and over. It was quite animated and lots of fun. Shabbat morning was our one “sleep in” day and most of us took advantage of it. It was a relaxed sleepy day. In the afternoon we went in search of a lodge near a waterhole where you can have coffee at the cafe and watch the animals come to drink. It wasn’t much to go by but being that the ... read more
On our way to the waterhole.
With coffee and   hot shoko, chillin’ by the waterhole

Africa » Botswana June 19th 2019

We’re back on the grid after three days in the Okavango Delta area at Rra Dinare. The last three days have been unique and very reyas even when we started to worry about work, there was nothing we could do. We got here by bush plane which was an experience by itself. Great planes and nice flight but landed in an airstrip in the middle of no where - elephants crossed the runway as we were deplaning. Our camp host met us at the airstrip in jeeps and we headed across the savanna to camp. The camp here is actual high end tents complete with a toilet, dink’s and outdoor showers. They are very breezy and comfortable during the day this time of year - but we can only imagine how hot they would be in ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park June 17th 2019

Here we go again, after a few days off the real early morning wake up, coffee and game drive and it doesn’t get any easier in pursuit of the elusive lion. We have decided too to take advantage of another potential 3 game drives if we don’t see a lion before. This thing is not going to beat us despite saying ‘nature is what it is’. Hot coffee does get you ready for driving around looking for animals and it does fortify the body against the considerable chill factor at 6am in the morning even if the guide drives the vehicle at a sedate 40kph up to the park entrance. This morning our guide was Phuti and he had a trainee called West who sat alongside us in the front tier of seats. Alongside Phuti was ... read more
Baboons and mongoose co habitating
Banded mongoose
Pod or raft of hippos

Africa » Botswana June 15th 2019

We got to sleep in a bit today as our first game drive wasn’t until 8:30. We headed out with our driver, Tito, into the 11,000 Kilometer square park where we drive parallel to the river. It was a relatively slow game drive but we still saw lots of elephants, impala, kudu, various birds, some giraffe in the distance, warthogs and baboon. After the drive we relaxed in our room until lunch time. Following lunch, we did a massive repack. Tomorrow we catch a bush plane out to Rra Dinare, our stop on the Okavango delta. We can only take a maximum weight of 44kg and bags have to be smaller than a particular size so we are going to have to ship one by courier to our next stop. This is apparently something that they ... read more
young elephant
A baboon and his rock
Two giraffes sparring

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park June 15th 2019

We did get a shadowy glimpse at dusk yesterday of a lioness and then she was gone. No photo and no video. We just have to do the morning drive this morning and then this afternoon if we are unlucky this morning. So here it is again,5.15am and we get ourselves dressed for the wind chill factor that you can’t avoid in the open sided Toyota land cruiser whistling along at 40kph towards the park entrance. This morning our guide is Odey and in the front passenger seat is a young woman from the capital Gaborone who is studying tourism hospitality. Our fellow passengers are a couple of Aussies from Wollongong who we met yesterday and found them to be enjoyable company. Sometimes one of the things you miss when there is just the two of ... read more
Mother and teenager hippo
Marouba stalk
Buffalos in the long grass

Africa » Botswana June 14th 2019

Today we started off viewing the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls. They err even more impressive from that side as we could walk almost the whole distance. After that, we hopped in the car with ours river, Mortimer, who drove us across the border to Botswana. Border control was confusing but since Mortimer knew his way around, it was very smooth. Botswana is very concerned about foot and mouth disease so both our tired and shoes needed to be disinfected in the way In. We got to our next stop on the Chobe river just in time for lunch. Unfortunately, they misunderstood my pepper allergy and lunch was a bit of a gong show - but eventually it was all sorted out. We relaxed after lunch until our afternoon game boating expedition. We had s relaxing ... read more

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