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May 20th 2006
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This lion was fast asleep until right before the trucks set off for camp and everyone started their engines. She opened one eye to check it out.
Ok everyone I have decided to make this more of a photo blog (If you click on the thumbnail a larger pic will pop up with a short narration) until I have the time to log my journal entry which at this point may take forever. Please check out the photos and the videos. The videos (the second one is more like a mini movie) tell the story well however there are a handful of good stories to tell from this part of the trip.

I think if you see the videos it will make you want to get on the phone and book the first available flight to Southern Africa. I know I do. Some of the shots at the start of the video are in Namibia as well as Botswana. Sorry the quality is not better but I had to compress it because it was so big.


P.S. Press the play button on the pop up video screan to view them. The second video has a title screen so it is just plain blue when it first pops up.

Additional photos below
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Another ElephantAnother Elephant
Another Elephant

These guys were everywhere but hard to spot in the dense brush. On one game drive we stopped so I could use the "bush toilet" and I looked up to find myself, pants down 30 feet from the back end of a huge male elephant!

When we stopped to get firewood I hopped out of the Land Rover to search for fuel. The ground looked like a moonscape with grey craters in the dried mud. Upon closer inspection I discovered they were elephant tracks. Each print was about 3 feet in diameter. I could fit my whole body in one of the holes. This was one of the smaller and more shallow holes. I was in search of a big one to take a pic of when David yelled at me to come back and stop wandering off as it was not safe in the bush. Oh well.
lion profilelion profile
lion profile

This is my favorite shot of the whole trip. She was so magnificent.

Lots of elephants in Botswana. This male let us get very close.

This lion just stared Kat and me in the eye never blinking for about 3 minutes. When she finally turned away all Kat could say to me was “Oh my God, I don’t think I can breathe.” I’ll tell you what; being in an open sided Land Rover only 8 feet away, it will get your adrenaline going!
The Frenchies headed to MaunThe Frenchies headed to Maun
The Frenchies headed to Maun

We split up in to two small groups (the English and French speakers) when we got to Muan as the big truck couldn't make it on the rough and flooded delta tracks.
Me and Celine Me and Celine
Me and Celine

Not a flattering picture of either one of us. Cold and dirty, but oh we had a lot of fun!
To MuanTo Muan
To Muan

The Aussies, Kiwis and me.
 firewood firewood

This was the first day we had to stop and collect firewood for our campfire and hot water pony. This is one of my favorite parts of camping. Out in the bush with all of the animals never knowing what was behind the next tree.
lions under treelions under tree
lions under tree

End of the day. Late afternoon and we came across two lionesses napping in the sun, getting ready for a big night of hunting. It was a little disconcerting knowing they where less than a quarter of a mile from our camp. The one on the right was out cold, her feet twitching as if she were dreaming.

The Frenchies had a slow leaking tire (they blew the first one).
Yes Africa can be COLD!Yes Africa can be COLD!
Yes Africa can be COLD!

Damien demonstrating proper winter game drive apparel. It was really cold! We all wore our sleeping bags on morning game drives. If you go to Southern Africa in winter bring lots of warm clothing. What I would have given for a good pair of gloves.

The delta is full of these beautiful lilies.
 Can you find the bee eater? Can you find the bee eater?
Can you find the bee eater?

Hint: Look near the top of the photo.

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