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January 13th 2013
Published: June 25th 2017
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Departing N'Dola at 8:45am, I made the short hop to Lusaka then waited around several hours for my thrice-per-week flight to Gaborone (sounds like Hab - ah - roni), capital of Botswana. A friend of mine from past travels lives there (Chris/cmj). On the flight I talked to a college junior who was originally of Chingola, but then moved to Botswana, now he goes to school in Lusaka. He's studying to be an architect, but plans to leave Zambia because there isn't a strong need there for architects. Anything complicated is built by the Chinese, and thus his industry is effectively in its infancy. He thinks he'll go to South Africa to work with his older brother for the time being and perhaps return to Zambia or Botswana at a later time.

I met Chris in the brand new airport terminal. Actually, the terminal is not finished yet...the Chinese contractor got fired for going over budget and they haven't found a need to wrap up the project yet. There are not a tremendous number of flights in and out every day, most of them are from Joburg.

I visited Chris's rented house, a lovely villa secured by a wall and fence and having a servants quarters and nice swimming pool on the grounds. The rent is reasonable by western standards for the grounds. The house itself could use some interior redecorating. It is solid though, if truly owned by the various sized ants roaming the place.

We had dinner at a delicious Chinese restaurant (the best in of 4 in Gabarone we're told). We hit up the grocery store for some supplies he needed. It's really a high quality place, not much different than the grocery store down the street from my house here in KC.

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