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August 14th 2014
Published: June 17th 2017
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Geo: -19.0933, 22.4451Everyone in camp was up by 8. I got out of our tent just in time to see the elephant that had just walked through camp. Today was going to be another beautiful spring day – the sky was clear and it was already warming up. It wasn't long before more elephants walked past. This time it was two young adults, a mother and her calf. They were walking just behind the tent... Read Full Entry

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32 Birds32 Birds
32 Birds

A few varieties of birds in the swamp.
33 Birds33 Birds
33 Birds

Some more varieties of birds near the shallow water.
34 Huts34 Huts
34 Huts

A couple of round, traditional styled huts.
35 Town35 Town
35 Town

The main track leading into the village of Khwai.
36 Huts36 Huts
36 Huts

More traditional, round huts.
37 Supermarket37 Supermarket
37 Supermarket

The only supermarket in the village of Khwai.
38 Keeping in Touch38 Keeping in Touch
38 Keeping in Touch

The local shipping container - the place villagers visit to keep in touch with the rest of the world.
39 Open Building39 Open Building
39 Open Building

This must either be a church or school.
40 Lechwe40 Lechwe
40 Lechwe

A couple of Lechwe near the water.
41 Basking in the Sun41 Basking in the Sun
41 Basking in the Sun

A pod of hippos basking in the sun.
42 Hippos42 Hippos
42 Hippos

Hippos sleeping in the winter sun.
43 Antelope43 Antelope
43 Antelope

Lechwe antelopes looking at us.
44 Huts44 Huts
44 Huts

Traditional, round thatched huts.
45 Huts45 Huts
45 Huts

Traditional, round thatched huts.
46 More Antelopes46 More Antelopes
46 More Antelopes

We saw more Lechwe antelopes as we drove around.
47 Track47 Track
47 Track

One of the tracks we drove along.
49 Bridge49 Bridge
49 Bridge

The bridge we drove across as I held my breath.
48 River48 River
48 River

The view of the Khwai river from the bridge.
50 River50 River
50 River

The view of the Khwai river from the bridge.
51 River51 River
51 River

The view of the Khwai river from the bridge.
52 Two Bridges52 Two Bridges
52 Two Bridges

This photo shows the old bridge and the new bridge.

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