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November 16th 2007
Published: November 16th 2007
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Hello everyone from beautiful Botswana!
After an unexciting night in Chobe, just across the boarder, we made our way through the Kalahari desert towards the Okavango Delta, in the northwest of the country. It is BAKING HOT here, we are absolutely dying with thirst all of the time and some people take that the wrong way, and just get drunk every night 😊. Not my way to deal with the heat, but there you go...
On Wednesday morning we were picked up for a three day trip into the Okavango Delta. First a Jeep brought us through the desert to one of the arms of the delta. There local guides loaded canus with us and all our stuff and paddled deep into the delta (about an hour on the boats). The delta is a truly amazing sight: in the middle of the desert heat the Okavango River pours itself into the sand. The water is clear, with lots of reeds and flowers growing, and there is an abundance of birds and colorful little dragonflies hiding in the green. We camped on the shores under thick trees and spent the day lazing around in the shadow - what else can you do when the temperature hits 45 degrees. In the late afternoon, they brought us to a pool where we went for a swim. We probably all have Bilharzia now, but never mind, the cool bath was worth it 😊. In the evening, we went for a game walk. Unfortunately the rainy season is just about to start, so there is not as much wildlife to see as usual (did i time anything right on this trip?!). Therefore, on our first evening we saw nothing and i was honestly fucked off. The next morning, we got up before sunrise and went for another, more successful gamewalk. We spotted elephants, a jackal, warthogs and plenty of exotic birds. The other group (me in the wrong group again, never mind) saw four lions which had just killed a buffalo. Apparently the lions weren't too happy when the guides just cut a big chunk out of the buffalo, in front of the lions eyes. One of them started charging at the group, but got scared by another group of wanderers. Lucky for them! Again, we spent the day lazing about and swimming in the Bilharzia pool. In the evening, they took us all for a sunset cruise to a hippo pool, where my camera messed up for the first time ever so i didn't get the best hippo shot of all times, but it was still nice seeing the beautiful sunset over the delta waters.
All in all, a great experience of natural beauty, but not an experience worth for the wildlife.
Next stop is Namibia, love to all of you at home, and you will hear from me soon x


17th November 2007

ok, time for a nag ; don't be too cavalier about bilharzia!! or lions ;)
21st November 2007

Hi Spindlerin, wie ich sehe gehts dir bestens! Die Fotos sind toll, ich freu mich jedesmal wenn ich was von dir höre oder neue Fotos da sind. Denke an dich und genieße deinen Trip! Drück dich ganz doll, Tanja

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