Okavango part 2 - 25 -26 July

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August 1st 2012
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Day 2, We headed out in the orning for our first game walk, to say we were nervous is an understatement!!!! We pulled the boat up to on Chiefs island, and got the talk on how to behave when you are walking out where wild animals are. The main thing to do is not RUN, or you are seen as food. Not a great time to find out whether you have the flight or fight instinct. I cant begin to explain the feelig you have as you start walking, everything looks like an animal waiting to eat you lol. We saw vultures so knew there was a kill around somwhere, which normally means lions. Oh yeah forgot to say they dont carry guns, but instead use flares to scare the animals off!!!! We saw hyena and baboons, and then we could smell there was something dea, and we walked onto the plain, there was the carcass of a male elephant, who had just died of naturla causes, the day before. we walked right up to it. As we were walknig away Ken, the guide, saw lions prints in the sand. Feeling less happy about been there.

We managed to make it back to the boat, and I dont think I have ever been so happy to be back on the water where on crocs and hippos can get you lol. Ken the guide from Gunns camp was amazing, they could see things well be fore we could, and even when he pointed something out to us we sometimes took a while to see it.

When we go back other guests had arrived so we no longer had the camp tp ourselves. We went on an afternoon boat drive and sundowner drinks. No elepahnt in the camp when we went to bed.

Next morning the elephant was back, hanging his trunk over tents three showers lol. They had to move him on before we could leave lol

26th July headed out on the mekoros, small boat that doenst feel very secure. We survived this though, but have to admit I did have my eyes closed sometimes so I could relax. They do send a boat in front though checking for hippos, somehow this is supposed to make you feel safer!!!!!

In the afternoon went walking again on a Lion hunt, not alot of fun!!!

Gunss Camp was an amazing place to stay, the tents are very well designed, and bigger than those at Moreimi Crossing. It was also like been on a food safari, as they always seemed t be feeding us. Everything is inclusive of the price, so you can drink what you want, I had many sprites and passionfruits (its my new favourrite drink) I would definitely stay at Gunss Gunn again, even with the friendly elepahant, who of course was there to see us of on the morning of the 27th.

The Okovango is an amazing place to visit, and sometimes we had to pinch ourselves to accpet that we were really looking at something so special. There are not aniamls everywhere you look, it is just what nature wants to show you when she is ready, we did though get to see, elephant, croc, hyenas,giraffes, zebras, baboons, bafullo, warthogs (there was one under the dining room floor) kudu, red leacwee, impala, hippos and lots of birds


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