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May 24th 2012
Published: May 27th 2012
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What a lovely warm sunny day! Willem has invited us to visit the Crocodile Farm this morning, and to stop in to say hello to his wife Sally. They used to own the croc farm, and their home is on the other side of it on the Thamalakane River.

<p>So we go out to the road hoping to flag down a taxi. Alas, the ones going by are all full, so we asked the hotel to call one for us. Luckily, Omphile, who works at the hotel, says he is available for the day to take us to the Croc Farm which is 10 km out of town. It’s a chance for him to earn some extra cash. So we pile into his vehicle and set out. The morning is warm, and after some negotiating with the gate guard, and further discussion with other staff in the office, one of whom says he talked to Willem, we are waved through and all three of us are given a personal tour of the farm by Winnie.

<p>There are over 5,000 crocs on this farm, ranging from the newly hatched, to the six year olds ready for harvest for their skins, all the way up to the biggest baddest granddaddy of them all, who is still breeding at over 80 years old. And he is a giant. In an enclosure that is full of giants. We learn that they will all go into hibernation for the winter in about a month. It’s a bright sunny day and the photography is not good, but Kayla snaps a few closeups of crocs in the shade.

<p>We have already heard the story of the ‘big flood’ when all the water came in and thousands of crocs got out and were wandering all over the place. What an interesting place to live. Just next to the croc farm, we go through the gate to meet Sally, who is on her way to pick up the kids from school, but asks us to stay and wait for her. The staff serve us coffee and we enjoy a leisurely hour looking at the river from their patio. When Sally returns we have a short visit and cold drinks, then it is back to Maun for quick internet access and then farewell to Botswana yet again.

<p>The flight from Maun to Windhoek is uneventful and we arrive at Elegant Guest House ready for a night’s rest.


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