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February 11th 2011
Published: February 11th 2011
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We arrived in Kasane. Locke and I took a drive into town where I was able to pick up some more bug spray. Until this point, I am l am happy to report I only have 1 mosquito bite. I am starting to get itchy even though I shower most days. Between sporadic cold showers and some twinkling hot showers and my clothes smelling like nature, I am getting to the grimy point of my trip.

The late afternoon came quickly where I was heading for a boat trip on the Chobe River to head into Chobe National Park. Linda and Coleman actually joined even though there was an additional cost to do this activity. Thank goodness there were 2 girls in their 20’s from London on board. I was able to sit with them and ignore the wicked witch of the UK until she apologized for me cooing at the warthog family. I simply raised my voice and said excuse me?

In my 33 years of life, I have never met such an evil person. I have been bighting my tongue for weeks now. Nothing makes this woman happy. She complains about the food, the company, the service… she is embarrassed by me as I get excited over the littlest things. Hell, I am in Africa and when I see something new, I am a happy gal. She always puts everything down – like, you’re not in Kenya – the wildlife on this trip is such a disappointment. She or Coleman hasn’t done a SINGLE cultural thing on this trip. I finally get it now – she said how she gets to put a check next to the ‘have seen list’. I have decided that people like that should stay home and watch documentaries or look at pictures on the internet. Oh, I forgot Linda doesn’t know how to use the internet. If you want to see something it should be to enjoy it, not just to say you have seen it. I skipped many things recommended during my travels as I know I would be simply bored by them. I certainly know I love nature, animals, people, etc… Linda loves herself. She even has kicked dogs away.

Anyhow – the Chobe River was INCREDIBLE! I was in awe as the first thing we saw were elephants, more elephants and gaggles of elephants. They were all different ages, some practically newborn. They were phenomenal to look at and to watch them interact. Then we saw the hippos! We were lucky and were able to see some before they submerged into the water. At one point, we saw 2 hippos fight and it was extraordinary. We saw some of the largest crocodiles I have ever seen in my lifetime. Last on the agenda was a sandy area on the riverbank where there were impala, baboons and monkeys! All these animals were hanging out together! There were adults and tons of babies. It was like I hit the jackpot or something. It was one of the coolest things to see hundreds of these different animals totally relaxed and chilling with one another. This was a highlight of my trip!

Following the river cruise, we headed back to our lodge for the night. I had dinner with Coleman and the girls from the UK. We were waking up bright and early to cross the border into Zambia.


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