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August 28th 2007
Published: August 28th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Oh- this site is so neglected! Pardonnez-moi beaucoup! Here are some pictures, maybe that will help...

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On the RoadOn the Road
On the Road

More like 'In the Road.' This is en route to visit the dam. We spent a long time getting this car un-stuck, and this picture is the first of three times in seven hours. This was the easiest and driest of them all. Funnily- Mathurin stayed behind this car, to conveniently find the best route by not following Robert.
Mathurin SitsMathurin Sits
Mathurin Sits

This place is beautiful. This marker that Mathurin is sitting on represents the agreement between the Togolese and Beninese governements for a dam on the river. It rained the entire weekend we spent there.
The Lake SideThe Lake Side
The Lake Side

We saw five hippos (I was going to write the animal's entire name but found out I don't know how to spell) just bouncing on the lake's bank. So many birds, so little time.

Again, hippos and birds. I repeat- so little time. It was beautiful.
Drainage DitchesDrainage Ditches
Drainage Ditches

Yet another thrilling picture- of drainage ditches. Give me a break, I have been here for a while, and it's exciting for me. Guess where it all drains to- that's right, the river.
Good Work FlorentGood Work Florent
Good Work Florent

Florent, as he fills in a contract with the carpenter to pick up trash. Du courage.
Camil and TractorCamil and Tractor
Camil and Tractor

You're thinking- "Wow Erika, a tractor. I really need to see a picture of this..." But I am thinking "Look! A tractor! And it hauls trash! It's sooo cool!" And I like my thought better.
The Empty MarketThe Empty Market
The Empty Market

I am also using these pictures to try to re-create what Athieme used to look like, when it was a hopping commercial center. This marketplace is in the center of town, but only five women use it to sell basic necessities- no longer a hopping place. One can imagine, though...
I Ate Here, TooI Ate Here, Too
I Ate Here, Too

Another building falling apart, but made much more lovely because of the smile of the lady who sold Florent and I breakfast. Breakfast included- fried fish, hot pepper, raw onion, and yet another version of boiled corn flour. Yum, and it was good.
No Smiling Lady This TimeNo Smiling Lady This Time
No Smiling Lady This Time

Another building falling apart. Probably another vibrant house of commerce in its day.

28th August 2007

beautiful pictures!
Erika: Beautiful pictures! I have so enjoyed your journals and pictures. Hard to believe you've been there two years already! Hope all is well and I'll be happy to write you any wonga-woman recommendations you need when you decide what to do when you return home! When do you get back? I know you signed on for an additional 6 months. If you were coming back before January, you could come replace me while I'm on sabbatical! DM
28th August 2007

where are the hippos?
Where are these hippopotami? musses? see, I can't spell either, that you speak of? I reckon you don't get too close to a hippo, do you?
14th September 2007

Trash Service - No Kidding!!??
I have visited Athieme, Benin. I can see why you are excited about a tractor that hauls trash. It is only the second tractor I have seen during and since my visit! I hope the service expands at a rapid rate. Athieme would be sooo much prettier with a little cleaning up! It is such a wonderful farming community, with lots of folks with lots of big smiles. By the way where are the HIPPOPOTAMUSES, I would suppose a close up would be regretable!!
17th August 2010
I Ate Here, Too

Athieme need some fruit trees.
Hi. Erika, I'm impressed and I like the exposure you have given to Athieme. May I know when would you go back so that I can plan to go with you? I have a project in planting some fruit and shade trees in Athieme. I would need your help. What do you think about that? Thanks.

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