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Africa » Algeria » South » I-n-Salah June 19th 2014

So I sold my rings and got around 50000 dinar. Then I finally got around to going to my friends house. He had given me the address 10 years ago and told me to drop by anytime. when I got the the address there was a giant sand dune, with a sign that said come back in ten years. Supossidly this dune has been moving forward covering houses until it passes again and they are resurrected. I thought that this could be a free place to stay- so I started digging it took all day but I fiannaly reached the inside of the house and the inside was completely untouched. There was even canned food and 3 bottles of 5 times distilled Potato Vodka. This was such a good evening. I lit some candles and relaxed ... read more

Africa » Algeria » South » I-n-Salah June 18th 2014

So I was forced out of Chile after I ran into the one of the inmates I knew in prison and he is convinced I owe him money.. I really need to relax and I have a friend in Algeria, luckily I made some cash on last nights card game so I am going to live it up. I just arrived last night and already almost broke, I hit my head on the bunk of the hostel and think I am bleeding a bit on the pillow. I hope I dont get fined. I am gong to explore more of Algeria tomorrow when my head is strait. Might cut out the drinking for one night as I am having severe stomach cramps and haveing to urinate quite often. It is hot and sticky here I need ... read more

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