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Tattoos in Bangkok or Phuket

Hi. I would like some information about tattoos in Thailand
3 years ago, March 10th 2011 No: 21 Msg: #130819  
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I'm heading to Phuket, Patong Beach in August. My partner and I both want to get tattoos. Where would you suggest?? Reply to this

3 years ago, March 12th 2011 No: 22 Msg: #130905  
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Hi There

My husband and myself got a couple there i was the original person that started this convo and the response has been great. As i said i end up getting it done at Patong beach through a tattoo shop on Patong beach there is a group of little stalls and they are right at the end of that group the names are mit and mat i think they did a great job for a great price as you can haggle a little while i was there a guy got both his calfs done with bamboo tattooing it looked really good but took all day. when are yoy heading of so i can find the place on goole maps and link it hear and if you would like i can also send you some pics of our tats to you. Just let me no.

Julie Reply to this

3 years ago, March 12th 2011 No: 23 Msg: #130934  
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Yes agree go with Mit and Wat - easily located, right on the beach at patong, clean shop, good quality work no complaints at all - they are also contactable by email to pre arrange a booking time. Just google Patong Tattoo. Reply to this

3 years ago, March 13th 2011 No: 24 Msg: #130965  
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Hey Cidy

Glad you still look at this. I always thought it was Mit and Mat but its wat is it. The time I went back the one that did dragon on my leg had just had an operatioon i think it was his apendix removed The one that did my other one Has tats all over him and a few piercings in his ears. Ill gooogle that now and see which one is who. But i have no hesitations going back there my husband has 2 done as well.. Reply to this

3 years ago, March 13th 2011 No: 25 Msg: #130969  
B Posts: 849
Hey Julie :-) I can never remember who is who either...I "think" Wat is the stockier shorter one and Mit is the more pierced one - he has some rather ""interesting"" piercings and implants - one of them is the husband of the beautiful and long suffering Bee - lovely woman (I have Bee's phone number if anyone needs it, she speaks better english than Mit or Wat) but I can never remember which. If you are ever in thailand around the vegetarian festival see if they will take you out with them when they do the piercings at the festival. Really bizarre experience, they were doing facial piercings with everything from AK47s to half a palm tree hanging out of peoples faces...we ended up back at their house (they are brothers btw) and I discovered with enough alcohol they answer to Wit and Wat, Why and Wat, Wat and Wen, Mit and Mat, Twit and Twat. Ive always had trouble with the engrish language

I need to drop in and see them in about 6 weeks - Giant is having his neck finished and Mit..or Wat..dunno which one is which myself has been pointing at my one uninked shoulder for a couple of years now, you never know! Reply to this

3 years ago, March 13th 2011 No: 26 Msg: #130980  
N Posts: 10
Hey Cindy

Were abouts do you come from you prob have said but i cant remember is the last blogs and to lazy to go and have a looks. My husband would love that going to the festival he loves experiences like that. We have only been twice and both times had the tats done. The girl behind the counter is quite pretty she would have to be married to the younger looking one i thoguht he was skinner than the one covered in Tats. I reckon after a few that is how it would be i had a bit of a laugh when you said that. I think they have tried talking my husband into getting his others touched up but we said no just want new oneswe didnt have time for all that. How in the world would you get a convo out of them after a few.

Julie Reply to this

3 years ago, March 13th 2011 No: 27 Msg: #131001  
B Posts: 849
How do you have a convo with them? LOL get very drunk and get them even drunker! According to giant - Wat is the younger looking 'gangsta' type with the half sleeves, Mit is the older rounder faced chubbier one with the full sleeves..thats how he always remembers it. Wat has scuba dived and is a mad keen gambler - I have racehorses so we manage to talk about that - my thai is nit noi (little bit) their english is nit noi but Bee is a good interpreter. Im from Perth West Aus. And yes Bee is married to Wat..the skinnier younger one - who gambles away all their money LOL. The vegetarian festival with the piercings is amazing and stomach churning to watch but worth every minute if you can get there. Oh..and a word of advice...make sure Mit and Wat are drunk and the shop is closed if you do get to hang out with them...Giant woke up with a rather fetching set of lightning bolts either side of his neck a few days before I met him courtesy of Mit..or maybe it was Wat :-) Reply to this

3 years ago, July 1st 2011 No: 28 Msg: #139536  
N Posts: 1

Hi I'm off to phuket in august and am wanting to get tattooed while there. I've heard alot of good things about mit and wat's tattoo shop. I want to get a dragon on my inner arm from wrist to elbow. Would anybody know roughly how much that would cost. ThanksIn response to: Msg #112611
In response to: Msg #112611 Reply to this

3 years ago, July 12th 2011 No: 29 Msg: #140104  
B Posts: 849
Hi Michelle - glad I spotted this before you left. Id say it all depends on the intricacy and size of the design - Wat did an iguana on my back for B6000 and Id say look at around 10K (baht of course!)

AS much as I like Mit and Wat and they do a great job if you happen to have enough time to take a ferry or bus across to Krabi head down to Ao Nang and look for the guy called Mr Tattoo 5 star been shooting tattoo 25 year

He did an awesome piece on my partners HEAD for B12000..its in my blog and on the tattoo thread in general travel forum.

Have fun and post to show us what you got Say hi to Mit and Wat from the giant and the girl with the iguana on her back. Reply to this

35 months ago, August 17th 2011 No: 30 Msg: #141979  

Aussine Tattoo Studio Phuket
Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi Road
(Opposite Holiday Inn Resort Phuket's Entrance)
Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand 83150
[Edited: 2011 Aug 17 06:19 - Sivaluk:206527 ]

[Edited: 2011 Aug 17 07:56 - Jabe:6222 - Please - no URL drops or phone numbers on forums.]
Reply to this

30 months ago, January 26th 2012 No: 31 Msg: #151034  
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I saw someone getting a tattoo in the beach restaurant and the spelling was wrong! Reply to this

27 months ago, April 11th 2012 No: 32 Msg: #154530  

In response to: Msg #112337

Hi could you please send me some photo's to monnington.pearls@live.co.uk??

I would really appreciate it! thanks Reply to this

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