Day 104 - More Rain

Published: July 27th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

We had intended to leave Santa Fe today or tomorrow, but were advised against it seeing as it was a public holiday and the buses and accommodation would be rammed. To our delight it was another sunny day, so we relaxed on the beach until lunch when Sonja and Fredrik left. Just as we had finished reapplying sun cream in our room I heard the noise I'd been dreading, sure enough, another tropical storm. The kids on the beach were undeterred but the parents retreated, all armed with cool boxes and bottles of rum. I've never seen rain so heavy; eventually driving away even the children.

Upon trying to be productive and catch up on our blog in an internet cafe, we were plunged into darkness by the third power cut in as many days (there had, coincidentally, also been 3 water cuts.. none lasting over an hour or two luckily). So there was nothing else to do than order a cocktail and a beer and while away the hours until dinner - my third night of deep fried calamares, deep fried prawns for Chris. I got food envy!

Chris's Corner

Our diet ever fantastic needed a change from bread for breakfast and lunch, so we introduced oranges from the local market (the greenest I've seen but very juicy) and Doritos. Whilst Santa Fe had no big supermarket or similar it does have random Chinese cashand carry from which the crisps originated.


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