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South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo February 14th 2010

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo January 16th 2010

Finally, in the sweltering heat we got to some beaches. We arrived in this sandy little beach town after a nice 4 hour air conditioned bus ride. Our fatal mistake was to get off at the first stop ("I'm pretty sure there's only one stop", said Greg), which left us with a 20 minute uphill walk with our bags to our hostel in some intense mid day heat. Sarah was pretty pleased with me for that one but managed to survive! Despite our desheveled looks we were warmling welcome by a surprisingly tanned Scottish guy called Dougie. We had our first real party hostel here, and although we were in dorm rooms, we had a little corner to ourslves which was good. We soon learned the art of making very strong "Kaipiriñas" which we drank throughout ... read more

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo January 14th 2010

The quaint fishing village our book waxed poetic about turned out to be Cancun. During spring break. Whoa. A little too wild and crazy for us. Plus, totally booked up. Tent sites were going for $10 PER PERSON. We heard that a lawnchair on someones roof went for $10 a night. Yikes. Lucky for us, Uruguayain people are the nicest people in all of South America. After hiking about two miles with all our bags in the heat, the hostel we arrived at offered us water and a seat, then told us they were all full. Not to worry, they made some calls for us and located some guy named Alexandro who sorta kinda had a place for us. And he would pick us up in his car! We were sold, even at $30 for the ... read more
Our hostel

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo December 25th 2009

Aangekomen in Montevideo na opnieuw een enrom lange rit doorheen een landschap dat ons eerder deed denken aan de Hollandse vlakten.Weilanden, landbouwwerktuigen en koeien is het enige dat we hebben gezien tijdens deze 6u durende rit. Wonen hier ook mensen? 'Nee' is het antwoord. De bevolking van Uruguay telt slechts 3 miljoen mensen en... 12 miljoen koeien! De helft van de bevolking (1,5 miljoen) woont in de hoofdstad Montevideo.Stefanie was onze gastvrouw in Montevideo en heeft ons daar twee dagen onderdak geboden terwijl wij de stad verkenden en zij (stefanie en lotte) de laatste uurtjes volbrachten op de spoedafdeling. Donderdag 24 dec hebben we (na een gemiste bus) aangezet naar Punta del Diablo, een hippie-vissersdorpje waar we kerst zouden vieren. Het kerst-diner nuttigden we in een bar-restaurant op het strand. Het eten was niet echt lekker ... read more
Op weg naar Montevideo

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo December 3rd 2009

Been a while - couple of weeks since I have found time to sit down at a computer and get my thoughts down. I am now in Sao Paulo Brasil - mega city of Brasil and the major middle class commerce city as well. It may not be by the beach like Rio and the Paulistas may have a workacholic reputation but I think it has its charms. Anyway I´ll rewind a little bit. About 2 weeks ago I left the comfort of my apartment and boyfriend in Montevideo to travel North East to places that I´d heard were great on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay -namely Punta del Diablo. On the way I decided to stop in at La Paloma as the backpackers looked alright. It ended up being pretty boring with only 4 other ... read more


South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo November 23rd 2009

Uruguay: Colonia, Montevideo, Punta del Diablo and the Friendliest People in the World? So...after Patagonia, we were back in Buenos Aires - our favourite city of the trip! We weren't here for long this time, though, as we had decided to head into Uruguay for a week or so. However, whilst in BA we did take the chance to visit the hospital as Ben's thumb was still playing up from his fall in Colombia 4 months ago! The doctor was a little surprised that we hadn't had it checked out yet and sent us off to the hospital to have x-rays taken. Things are a little different here than in the UK - after blundering around the hospital trying to work out where we needed to go, Ben had two x-rays taken. We were confused when ... read more
Uruguay flag
World Cup celebration
Funny sign

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo October 22nd 2009

Uruguay - punta del Diablo rocks! As soon as we stepped off the boat even though i had a raging fever and about four layers on in the high 20s, we felt this country was so chilled out. Richard is so strong these days he has been carrying 2 rucksacks around like a hero as i have been so weak! The roads in this country are amazingly flat with loads of palm trees and cows everyehere. Its mega weird seeing hundreds of cows kicking back in the field amoungst palm trees, very cool. We hired a car as Punta del Diablo is far north east up the coast. It a wee fishing village with dirt roads, little wooden shacks and loose ponies and dogs roaming about. A surf mecca in the summer with dudes hanging about ... read more

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo October 4th 2009

Its 3.30 am, we have just been dropped off by the bus, we are standing in the dark, the cold. We stand outside a police station, on the main street, its not a street, its a sand track. Where are we? Where do we go? Will our hostel guy come pick us up in his truck? He does. He arrives in the smallest van you have ever seen. Our bags take up the entire back of the van, we struggle to fit on the row of seats. The man sets off, he speaks no English, the hostel guy gives him directions. The man is clearly drunk, his driving is terrible. It resembles an old person trying to park in tesco car park, 10000 revs and little clutch. We struggle up a sandy hill and finally reach ... read more
The boats that never fish
The lighthouse
My dog

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo May 28th 2009

Day 6: Colonia, Uruguay. Nick and melissa brought me breakfast in bed, which was nice. Nick went for a run on the beach in the morning. Then, we all headed off to the coast. Fresh churros for lunch, Greg´s choice. Nick made a friend in Diego, the stray dog we found. Diego was a fan of cliff bars, especially the sandy variety. We had dinner at a local restaurant, then went to a casino for awhile. Both Nick and Greg walked in with 4 dollars to spend, walked out with a combined 12 dollars. We used the winnings for bday gelato. Day 7: Headed from Colonia to Montevideo. Montevideo blows. After three hours, we moved on to Piriapolis, a small beach town. It was dark when we got there. We tried to stay in the second ... read more

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Diablo April 19th 2009

What an interesting find. Punta del Diablo is this neat little beach town and we were grateful that we had arrived after the high season. We loved the empty beaches and quiet atmosphere (especially after our paradise in Cabo Polonio). It is a town of approximately 500 people, but during the high season sees over 20,000 per day! Luckily for us, on the day we arrived at the El Diablo Tranquilo, it was the least amount of people they had had all year! We spent our time there mingling with other travelers and enjoy the serene little village. We met up with a new traveler from Ireland (Scully) and a former travel partner (Pete) from London, as well as a dozen or so people that were alot of fun! But what we were most impressed by ... read more

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