Photos from Peru, South America - page 2

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4910 Meters Up
Alpacas Grazing on Natural Springs
Llama and Wynapicchu in the Background
I am Really Here
Andes Mountains
Machu Picchu
Sunset over the wing
sun setting over the Amazon
Machu Picchu
Cusco Landscape
Amazing Machu Picchu
A woman and her llama
The money shot
School children
Class picture
Drummer drumming
Girls Dancing
Bird costume
Baby in a bag
Searching for the toilet
Sticks at the ready
View from the front seat
Sunlight on the river at the bottom
Huacachina, Peru (10)
Inca Terns
Uros Islands
Colourful blankets on the market
Local character
The grey haired nomads go to Machu Piccu
Scarlet Macaw
Machu Picchu
Answers on a Postcard
Amazing View En-Route for the Santa Cruz Trek
Laguna Churup
Me and Daddy Jumping for Joy
Cute Pose
Gotta get in one funny face photo
"Guinea Pig...Yummy, Yummy in my Tummy"
Me and Peruvian Girl with Baby Alpaca
They had some funky homemade boats...
My last days in Peru...
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